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Orange County

Charting A Pathway Forward for Orange County’s District 2


Greetings to the residents of Apopka. To some this is an introduction and to others this is simply a reminder. My name is Sandra Fatmi-Hall and I’m running to be your next Orange County District 2 Commissioner. For the past 12 years, I’ve been an active citizen in our beloved district 2. After retiring from being a bank manager for over 17 years, I continue my passion of empowering communities one family at a time, by founding the United Foundation of Central Florida, Inc. 

During my work in the nonprofit sector, I have awarded over $160,000 scholarships to roughly 200 students from Orange County and provided an additional $20,000 in support to them as they began their journeys in higher education, trade or vocational school, the military, and the workforce.

Sandra Fatmi-Hall
Sandra Fatmi-Hall

In addition to that, I have provided over 3 million meals throughout Orange County since 2015. Our work in the local schools has decreased crime and juvenile delinquency referrals, generated new funding sources, and mobilized our young people to engage in leading lives of leadership and service. I have also advocated at the county level for the development of $20 million to be established for children and family services to fund community empowerment zones in some of our county’s most stressed zip codes.

I’m running to be your next Orange County Commissioner for District 2, charting a pathway forward for our district. Doing it boldly, going to places we have never gone before! My campaign is one that is for the people by the people, that’s powered by the Three P’s: Passion, Purpose, and People. Our platform focuses on Affordable & Equitable Housing, Economic Development, and Public Safety.

Like many of you, public safety is a growing concern, and for the last 12 years, I have worked with law enforcement, community organizations, and business owners to reduce violent crimes in our most distressed zip codes. As your next county commissioner, I will continue that work. Economic Development is vital to sustainability of our communities. We will focus on entrepreneurship and small businesses, infrastructure, and enhancing prosperity and the quality of life for all residents of district 2. Affordable and Equitable Housing has been and will always be a passion of mine, I will work with our teams and divisions in Orange County to aid our residents and families to achieve the American Dream of Homeownership.

I’ve been in the streets and engaging the residents of our beloved district 2, if you’ve seen me out on the road, I hope we had the opportunity to engage one another! If we haven’t met yet, don’t worry we are still out canvassing and getting to know more people. I encourage you to visit my website www.sandrafatmi.com to find out more information about me and why I’m running. If you need information on voting, please visit www.sandrafatmi.com/voting. Early Voting is August 13th – 21st at any early voting location and election day is August 23rd, 2022, at your designated polling location. 

I really hope to connect with you soon, in the interim, happy readings! 

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Sandra Fatmi Campaign for Orange County Commission, District 2

Sandra Fatmi-Hall, Orange County, Orange County Commission District 2, Election 2022


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  • DrOlmstead

    Congratulations on your outstanding support of the community and feeding the hungry. Those are values I respect.

    Please follow up on the Fl Ss 479 letter from the FDOT and from the City of Apopka today. Completing these corrections now in your campaign will let us know you are serious in properly representing the citizenry.

    5 days ago Report this

  • NBowers

    Having been a citizen of NW Orange County for 62-years, I have lived and seen the many changes. NW Orange County (District 2) has been the last growth area of the county and treated as the location for all of Orange County's trash. With that has been our representation at the county level. In Tangerine, a scandal has been going on since the mid 2000's. The scandal has become a coverup. The coverup has been the scandal for over 14-years and 10-years in three court systems in Florida. The scandal is now north of $2-million in taxpayer funded legal fees/liabilities destined to double that amount and our current commissioner refused to talk about it. The same commissioner running for re-election is backed by special interest firms doing business with Orange County and development money. If you are looking for more strip malls in your back yard, Christine Moore is your best candidate. Only, she is an educated musician who may struggle understanding a balance sheet. Special interest is exploiting this. Sandra Fatmi-Hall is educated on understanding balance sheets and respects controlled growth with citizen input. Citizen input has exposed the Tangerine scandal and Sandra is willing to hold government accountable for precious taxpayer dollars. Moore is running......from a scandal and a coverup. Moore can stop the bleeding but refuses to talk about it. One might ask this in***bent candidate why and if no answer can be provided, think about your vote and what and who you are voting for. Call Christine Moore and have her explain the Tangerine Scandal and then look at court records. It is shocking. It is our money, not hers. Moore is not abiding by her own campaign slogan to hold government accountable for this scandal.

    5 days ago Report this

  • MelissaW

    Definitely voting for you. Not a huge fan of Christine Moore (she’s alright) so it’s time for change. Affordable housing is a passion of mine too, and I appreciate that it’s a passion of yours, too!

    4 days ago Report this

  • Rooney

    What is the Tangerine Scandal referred to in the first comment?

    4 days ago Report this