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Soccer in Apopka

Breaking barriers and building memories: The Central Florida Soccer Club's unforgettable soccer journey across the pond


Central Florida Soccer Club (CFSC), Apopka’s own soccer club, recently embarked on an extraordinary soccer trip spanning Manchester and Liverpool, UK. The primary aim? To create a once-in-a-lifetime experience where the beautiful game acts as a bridge, connecting players across continents and cultures. With a group of 16 players and 24 enthusiastic parents and siblings, totaling 40 travelers, CFSC set out on a journey that exceeded all expectations. From March 13th to 21st, 2024, CFSC's young athletes and families found themselves immersed in a whirlwind of soccer and cultural experiences.

Friendlies Across the Pond

The trip kicked off with three exhilarating friendlies against esteemed academies: Airbus Academy, Mossley Hill Academy, and Transmere Rovers Academy. These matches were not just about goals and victories; they were about forging connections and embracing the spirit of the game. Continuing the tradition of the Pennant exchange, CFSC players passed on our club's banner as a token of friendship, goodwill, and sportsmanship.

Expert Guidance

The players' training sessions were led by CFSC licensed coaches Scott Perfater, David Bass, and Brian Furgala on the local pitches. A highlight awaited as the team received a session led by the renowned Everton FC Academy Manager, Ray Hall, adding a touch of professional insight to their training regimen.

Spectating Premier League Matches and Behind-the-Scenes

The soccer fever peaked with unforgettable stadium experiences. CFSC witnessed the intensity of the FA Cup quarterfinals firsthand:

  • Manchester City vs. Newcastle (3/16/24)
  • Manchester United vs. Liverpool (3/17/24)

A tour of Anfield Stadium, home to Liverpool FC, and Old Trafford, the iconic venue of Manchester United, provided a glimpse into the rich history and legacy of these legendary clubs.

Exploring UK Wonders & Special Moments, Lasting Memories

Amidst soccer fervor, CFSC also indulged in sightseeing excursions in Conwy, Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, immersing themselves in the culture and charm of the UK.

Each player returned with cherished memories, but some moments stood out:

  • The intense 4-3 victory for Manchester United against Liverpool, a match that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the 120th minute.
  • Manchester City's impressive 2-0 win over Newcastle, witnessed live by CFSC, added to the thrill of top-tier soccer.
  • CFSC's own victory, a memorable 2-1 win against Mossley Hill Academy, followed by heartwarming scenes of local schoolmates congratulating them on the pitch, showcasing the camaraderie that soccer fosters.

Manchester was an awesome experience. I really noticed how soccer/football is important to all ages of people. Everywhere we went we saw people playing soccer/football. Going to the Manchester United vs. Liverpool Game was a moment I will never forget.”- Tanner Stewart- U17 Boys Academy

“As a lover of the game of “Football”, I felt right at home in England, among an entire society that holds the game in such high regard.”- David Bass, CFSC Boys Coach

A Journey Beyond Soccer

This trip wasn't just about the matches; it was about camaraderie, growth, and the joy of discovery. CFSC's venture across the pond exceeded all expectations, leaving players, parents, and siblings with a deep appreciation for the power of soccer to unite hearts and minds. 

As CFSC returns home, the echoes of cheers from Manchester City and Liverpool FA  still resonate. The shared experiences, the victories, and the friendships formed are the true trophies of this remarkable journey. With hearts full of gratitude, CFSC eagerly looks forward to their next adventure abroad, knowing that the bonds created on this trip will last a lifetime.

Join the Journey With CFSC

Central Florida Soccer Club continues to create these extraordinary opportunities for young athletes, where soccer transcends boundaries and creates unforgettable moments. Stay tuned for more updates on CFSC's future adventures, and join them as they explore the world through the lens of the beautiful game.

For more information on how to join CFSC, practice, play, and enjoy the game of soccer, please visit Central Florida SC, where soccer training is on all levels, from toddlers to teens, CFSC is the local's choice. If you'd like to help by enrolling a player, please visit our website at Central Florida SC or call us at 407-613-2426. You can also help us spread the word by sharing this article or following our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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