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CBD Vape: Everything You Need to Know



By Max Branson

CBD vape pens and CBD vaping, in general, are pretty much everywhere at the moment. If you have walked through your town in recent months, the chances are that you will find yourself surrounded by people vaping. Many of them are likely using CBD.

But how do you get started in the world of CBD vaping?

What Are CBD Vapes?

To get going with CBD vapes, you first need to understand what they are. For most people, they appear to be advanced and sophisticated instruments, capable of sending forth jets of potent smoke containing all types of substances.

However, a CBD vape pen is an incredibly simple instrument. It is little more than a chamber to contain CBD vape juice, a battery, and a vaporizer. When activated, the vaporizer heats up the CBD vape juice solution, quickly vaporizing it and transforming it into a vapeable, inhalable smoke.

The CBD vape juice itself is also sometimes a matter of confusion for many people, as they struggle to see it as different from regular CBD oil.

CBD vape juice similar to CBD oil, with the addition of a few extra ingredients. It is made by extracting CBD from cannabis plants via a CO2 extraction process. This CBD solution is then suspended within food oil, like hemp seed oil, or even coconut oil. This allows it to be easily imbibed, as well as giving it an excellent flavor profile.

To make it into CBD vape juice, however, you need to add one extra ingredient; a thinning agent. This substance, usually propylene glycol, thins out the CBD solution, making it easy to vaporize. Without it, the CBD oil can become stuck inside your vaporizer, potentially damaging it.

CBD vapes are very easy to understand once you get used to them, though this can sometimes take a bit of time. Still, why would you choose to use a CBD vape over any other type of CBD?

Why Should You Choose to Vape CBD over Other Methods?

For those who are not used to CBD vaping, it might seem strange that so many people prefer to use CBD vaporizers rather than other types of CBD. After all, there are always CBD oils and CBD capsules on offer, so why not use them?

Well, CBD vaping has a few benefits that make it better in many ways when compared to other methods of imbibing CBD.

For starters, vaping CBD is extremely fun and flavorful; there are all kinds of unique and tasty terpene additions you can add to get a great tasting vape. Whether they are sold along with the CBD vape juice or add it yourself, no other method of imbibing CBD allows you so much choice.

Furthermore, the flavor and mouthfeel of the smoke are incredibly clean and without an acrid bite. Harsh bitterness is a big problem when you smoke regular CBD-rich cannabis, but vaping ultimately gets rid of that. By being able to safely and efficiently vape your CBD, you can enjoy an immaculate and pleasant vape experience.

Additionally, choosing to vape your CBD oil means that you can enjoy your CBD in relative peace because no one will know what you are doing. You can easily, and without fear, imbibe your CBD in public, as most people will assume you are just vaping regular e-juice.

Now that it is clear what the benefits of it are, what about its legality, though?

Is CBD Vaping Legal?

Thanks to the pretty intense efforts of many unique and exciting CBD brands, like Provacan, transparency is becoming much more common in the world of cannabis products.

This means that you will almost always be able to see clearly what any CBD product contains. This is what makes it easy to enjoy CBD vapes legally – you won't be breaking the law due to THC concentration.

CBD on its own is entirely legal in the western world; the only risk is the presence of THC. There is the chance that certain, less well tested CBD products actually contain enough THC to make it a crime to enjoy them.

However, as long as you only enjoy CBD vapes that come with complete lab reports, you won't be at any risk. Whether you buy a CBD isolate vape juice or a regular full-spectrum CBD vape juice, as long as you can reliably read the report, you won't be in any danger.


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