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Canon: The go-to coffee shop in Apopka


Apopka Business Spotlight: Canon Coffee

By Crystal Jacome, Interning Correspondent for The Apopka Voice

What's the key to a successful local coffee shop?

A delicious menu? Great drinks? A person who brings the special touch that creates a welcoming and safe environment for newcomers and regulars?

For Canon Coffee, it's a combination of having all three, and it's serving them well. And the person who brings this together is Tammy Devore, the owner, and founder.


On June 18th, 2019, Canon Coffee opened its doors in the historic little house on the corner of Lake Avenue and 2nd Street in Apopka with a simple idea of wanting to create a “cute local coffee shop the community needed," said Devore.

Tammy Devore - Owner and founder of Canon Coffee.

It's not easy to start a business, let alone a service-based venture that brings people together... with a pandemic right around the corner. But Canon survived COVID-19 and has earned the reputation as the go-to coffee shop in Apopka.

Today, it serves a community filled with grateful customers like Morning Leville, who has been coming from the very beginning.

“The people have made it so accepting and I love the good drinks and food," said Leville. "Tammy has welcomed me into this safe space”.

Leville's go-to drink is “The Artist” - a combination consisting of a latte mixed with raspberry flavoring.

“It’s 100% better than anything you can ever get at any industrial coffee shop like Starbucks,” said Leville.

With Canon Coffee recently hitting its second anniversary, what does Devore envision for the next few years?

“We’re excited to do things with the PTA's and schools in the area and showing appreciation for things that our teachers do," she said. "Our police department, who comes here... so wanting to show more love support and outreach to them and just always meet new people and serve good coffee”!

Canon Coffee hits every mark in the Apopka community and has given its regular customers “that coffee shop effect” of having a great workflow environment and great coffee to go along.

Canon Coffee

74 West 2nd Street Apopka 32703

(407) 703-4359




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