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Best Places to Go on a Date During COVID


By Madhusree Das

So many things have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and people are adapting to a new way of life until a vaccine or cure is found. But just because you need to take extra precautions in your daily life doesn’t mean you have to put your dating life on hold. Instead, all you have to do is implement some new strategies when it comes to meeting people and going on dates. And it’s probably a lot easier than you think.

First Things First: Start on a Dating App and Video Chat

Because there are so many restrictions when it comes to where you can go on a date these days, one of the best ways to really get to know someone is by hopping on a video chat. But, before you even do that, how can you connect with like-minded people that are compatible with you? Well, that’s where the right dating app can come in handy. And it turns out that, due to the spread of coronavirus, more and more people are using apps. So, whether you’re looking for men in Central Florida or a New York single woman, using a dating app can help you find some amazing people.

See a Drive-In Movie

A great way to enjoy a date while socially distancing from strangers is by going to a see drive-in movie. If your local movie theaters are closed, this is a fun alternative to a typical dinner-and-a-movie date night. Bring your favorite snacks, like popcorn and soda, to enjoy while you watch a film from the comfort of your vehicle. It’s an entertaining way to spend the time with someone you care about, and you can even snuggle in the car while enjoying some privacy. Besides local cities hosting their own, such as Winter Springs, if you drive a little further, to Dade City or Lakeland, there are some great options as well.

Head Outside

When you need to socially distance, a smart way to do it is by heading into the great outdoors. Go on a hike to the top of a mountain, explore a lake while in a kayak, or just take a stroll through your local park. Of course, this is the type of date that is only an option if the weather permits, but it can be an exciting daytime date that also serves as a form of exercise that you can do together.

Stay In and Cook Dinner

Another way to entertain your date is by cooking a meal for them right in the comfort of home. Invite your date over, and then prepare a delicious dinner and dessert that is sure to please. You get to spend time alone, getting to know one another, and you don’t need to worry about being unable to maintain distance from others at a restaurant. Plus, if your date has been really cautious about going out, this is a smart way to stay in while still having a good time. And if you’re a man who cooks, you’re definitely going to impress any woman, whether it’s a woman in LA, Orlando, or anywhere in between.

There are a lot of ways to have fun on a date even though you still need to take care to avoid the coronavirus. With the right strategy, you can maintain social distance and stay safe. Just be sure to wear a mask whenever you need to, and wash your hands often. Then, focus on your fabulous partner.

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