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Best Beaches in Florida for 2023


The heat wave has already been reported to have hit our planet and with this rise of temperatures we are all looking for ways to cool down. One of the most refreshing ways to consider is undoubtedly by going to the beach and diving in the cool ocean water, like the Florida coastline. Florida has been one of the options where Americans spend their summer beach holidays for many years now, and not without a reason. The ocean coast line is not just breathtaking but the beach options that have been made available are plenty, and they offer something for everyone so they accommodate different needs and desires.

For those who don’t know yet, Florida is often referred to as the Sunshine State because of the beaches it offers to both locals and tourists from all America but also other continents. The biggest advantages of the surroundings in Florida is that apart from the diverse beaches, there is something for everybody so whether you want to have a good time at a party, play various casino games with friends, arrange a wedding or spend some serene time with your significant other: Florida has it all. In today’s article, we will show you some of the most awesome beaches that you can visit in Florida for this summer 2023. Let’s dive in!

Siesta Key Beach (Sarasota)

This list is without any doubt topped by Siesta Key Beach, which is also part of the list of being one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. This is no surprise for those who have visited Siesta Key Beach as they know why it would be considered for that position. The beach has crystal-clear water and powdery white quartz sand which is a combination that makes this place look and feel out of this world. The sand is very soft and thus, makes it easy to walk on for people of different ages without needing water shoes. On the other hand, the blue ocean water is usually calm and relaxing for either just spending time at the beach or swimming. Apart from that, this beach is also perfect for snorkeling so if you go there, definitely consider this activity. There are a few villages in the vicinity of this beach where you can find various restaurants, shops and an absolutely lively and enjoyable nightlife.

Clearwater Beach (Clearwater)

Clearwater Beach screams through its name, doesn’t it? Well, this beach lives to its name as well, because it has one of the clearest waters you can find in any beach in the world. Moreover, it is that clear that you can literally see the tiny fish swimming around you when you go in the water. This beach is perfect for families who want to go there and enjoy the sand and the sun because there are a plenty of beach playgrounds for kids. In addition to that, there are some water activities as well, such as kayaking, sup, boating or water sports. One of the most famous tourist attractions in this beach is Pier 06, that is a fishing pier of 1,800 feet. This place is primarily used for fishing; however, it also has a recreation area inside of a park where kids but also adult have a lot of fun. Additionally, there is a tradition at Pier 60 called “Sunsets at Pier 60” where a lot of activities and ways of entertainment are offered two hours prior and two after the sun sets in the beautiful beach of Clearwater. 

South Beach (Miami Beach)

This list is concluded by the one and only – Miami Beach. Miami Beach might be the most popular and well-known beach as the majority of tourists go to this particular place. We don’t blame them at all because this beach is stunning and absolutely iconic. The surroundings of this beach have a beautiful architecture which adds to the overall atmosphere during summer days. One of the elements that makes this place popular for tourists from all over the world is the fact that some of the craziest parties are organized at the Miami Beach, so if you are about that lifestyle then this is the perfect spot for you. In addition to that, since Florida is a perfect location for outdoor weddings, there are a variety of wedding venues at Miami Beach that can make your dream beach wedding come to life. Thus, in Miami Beach you can find literally everything you might be searching for, you simply have to go there and explore.


Finally, Florida's coastline is blessed with a variety of outstanding beaches, each of which offers a special combination of beauty and activities to do around. The beaches of Florida provide a variety of things, including lively nightlife for the party souls, fun for the whole family for family vacations, and peaceful leisure for those who need a break from everything. We recommend you to travel to these breathtaking coasts to enjoy the magic of Florida's unspoiled beaches, whether you are a local or an outsider.

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