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Be careful what you pray for...



By Charles Towne

When my mama was carrying me she prayed for a little boy just like Huckleberry Finn. This just goes to prove that praying, like playing with dynamite and swimming with great white sharks has its own share of risks.

Eventually, mama’s prayers were answered to the affirmative, which just goes to prove that our wonderful God has a very good sense of humor. As a youngster I must admit that I didn’t have the good sense Papa God gave a goofy gopher and usually the principle that governed my life was, ACT, DON’T THINK! Which has worked so well up until now I see little need to change.

At a very early age I was smitten with a desire to explore and experiment. Turning over rocks to see what lived under them, sticking my hands into holes in the ground, and hollow trees and molesting bald faced hornet’s nests, as well as all the other poor wild critters in the woods and streams in our neighborhood was the focus of most of my exploring and experimenting.

You will notice that both of these activities began with the prefix, ‘ex’ which might very well have described my condition if it hadn’t been for mama’s prayers, therefore, the whole point of this brief missive is to prove that prayer does work, so keep praying, by all means, keep praying!


Live Fully,

Love Openly

And make a difference, today

Charles Towne is a longtime Apopka resident, member of Insp!re Church and a published author.

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