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Are You a Victim of a Motorcycle Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do!



By Allen Brown

Sometimes we need a reminder that motorcycles are much smaller than cars, and the drivers are not enclosed in a box of metal. Hence, riding a motorcycle is risky compared to driving cars. Because a motorcycle only has two wheels, it’s less stable on the road during emergency braking and swerving. Unlike cars, there’s no airbag and seatbelts that can protect the rider in times of emergency. The results can range from mild injuries to fatalities. Being involved in a motorcycle accident is usually a very traumatic experience.

There are various things to do to protect yourself against a motorcycle accident, but even the most careful drivers can encounter unavoidable accidents. Often people are not certain what to do after the crash as the adrenaline is pumping, and they may be in a state of shock. In this article, I will highlight actions to do quickly after a motorcycle accident.

Get to Safety

After the crash, you may find yourself in a state of shock, but it’s essential to examine your surroundings. If the accident happens on an expressway, move away from the roadway and traffic. Examine yourself for any injuries. Do not attempt to remove your protective gear unless you are sure that you are not hurt. Otherwise, wait for the medical personnel to examine you thoroughly. Check if there are other people injured and help them get to the safe side of the road. However, if they are seriously hurt, don’t move them from their position as you can do more damage.

Call the Police Right Away

Provided that you have not incurred a severe injury, contact the police immediately. This kind of accident is sometimes due to negligence. Whether you are the driver or a victim of a motorcycle accident, a police report is one of your best pieces of evidence you can have in case you have to take necessary legal actions later on. The police officer will examine the area, damages, and have you answer a few questions. Make sure to get the officer's name and ask how to get a copy of the report.

Get Medical Help

It is vital to have yourself checked after the accident, regardless of how certain you are that you "feel alright". Some of the medical issues do not affect you right away, like brain injuries and internal bleeding. It’s always best to ensure you are in a healthy condition. A medical intervention after the accident can potentially save your life. You can also use the medical reports in claims against your insurance and use it as a piece of evidence to be compensated for the damages.

Don’t Accept Liability

Don’t put yourself in a situation wherein you admit and accept fault when no investigation has been made. This could jeopardize your possible compensation. Also, avoid pointing fingers, and just answer the questions from the police officers on the things that you are certain. The authorities can conduct their investigation and can make a determination. Remember, your words might be used against you, so avoid volunteering any information unless asked.

Gather Your Own Evidence

It’s best to have a backup of your evidence aside from the police report. Take some photos of the accident area as well as the damages. You can include your injuries and other involved individuals. Keep a record of the accident, how it happened, and make sure to get the details of who has been hurt. You can check out CCTV images or if you have a motorcycle dashcam, review the footage.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It’s essential to inform your insurance company right after the accident. Provide them the details, where, and how it happened, including the damages. Remember not to accept liability prior to any formal investigation, and answer the questions in the same way you have handled the authorities. Your insurance company will let you know the steps to take to lodge a claim.

Seek Assistance from a Lawyer

If you are seriously injured, seeking an attorney is a wise step to do. Your lawyer can help you take legal actions and have compensation for the damages. A professional will help you understand your rights. You can’t always expect your insurance company to be on your side, therefore an experienced lawyer can also guide you with your claim. This can be an extremely stressful and devastating experience, especially if huge bills are piling up, and pain and suffering are making your everyday life miserable. The help of an attorney would make a huge difference.

Accidents can bring you sleepless nights and a lot of stress. There are things that you can’t avoid. However, it can make a big difference in reducing that stress if you are knowledgeable in handling the situation. The tips mentioned above won’t change what's occurred or eliminate your pain, but they can reduce the severe impacts of motorcycle accidents in your life.

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