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Apple vs. Samsung SmartPhones: A Comparison for Identifying the Better One


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It’s impressive to see that technology is changing every day. Decades back, a phone was used to make calls and attend to whoever called you. Today, the entire scenario is different; it is not just a phone any longer. It is a media of information, guidance, and entertainment that has become an umbilical to everything. However, surveys say that 57% of the online US website traffic comes from smartphones. Despite the global pandemic, India’s smartphone shipment plunged 12% to 33.5 million units in the January-March quarter. It led to the elasticity of demand and supply issues in the market.

According to the report, Apple’s market share grew 14.9% in the 4th quarter of 2020 as compared to the 4th quarter of 2019, whereas Samsung’s market share declined by nearly 11.8%.

Which Company Makes a Better Phone: The Brutal War

People tend to buy new smartphones based on certain criteria. Nowadays, millions of people are using smartphones because they are fond of cameras, internet browsing, speed, and having chat modes. And the company selling these smartphones are experiencing the sweet gain of huge profits due to the robust consumer demand. It isn’t easy to judge which is better between the two companies, as both have made massive impacts globally, and they both hold a huge percentage of the smartphone market. But that aside, let’s explore reasons these companies should receive a high score, or close to it, and see where there's a pent-up demand on the market.

User’s Experience

It is tough to distinguish between iOS and Samsung’s One UI 3.0. If we trace down the development in technology, both operating systems have developed a lot in the last few years. They have both provided great user experience and have made considerable improvements in some areas. Samsung made a significant improvement by taking raw android and adding value to the technology. Apple is always in demand, but needs some improvement in its redesign and optimization. So, in the area of user experience, there is a tie between Apple and Samsung smartphones.

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Design Makes the First Impression for Smartphones

Design always comes as the top preference for users. Both companies have made a massive innovation in the design sector, significantly improving glass tensile strength and making the models waterproof. And clearly, they are more durable now. Apple has launched 12 iPhones acquiring 12 models with similar basic features. They had appended the larger sensor on the 12 Pro and IBIS-stabilized primary camera sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the other hand, if we go for a smaller Samsung device, the company omits such desired features from their larger devices.

Who Acquires the Large Supply Chain?

It is not that the chip designer itself is responsible for the extensive supply chain management of Apple’s product in the market; but they have depended on Samsung in the cases of OLED, NAND flash, and DRAM. Additionally, when Samsung uses the Qualcomm snapdragon, it excels in its sales in the global marketplace. So, in this case, Apple gets fewer points than Samsung.

Apple Gains the Requirement for Native Services and App Ecosystem

For the entire year of 2020, Samsung declined in smartphone sales, but Apple is the only smartphone vendor to grow year-over-year, including in 2020. This is likely because of the demand for iPhones in the global space that continues to increase no matter what. Apple paved its way in integrating its products; Samsung also takes cues from the vendor. The need for 5G iPhones is in high-end demand at the start of 2021, with affordable prices, which makes a great opportunity for both of these brands.

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The increasing technology has a significant impact on smartphones. The two most popular vendors Samsung and Apple, are all set to release more flagships shortly based on new features, improved cameras, and more apps ecosystem.

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