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Apopka City Council Seat 3 Candidate Q&A - Week 3


Questions & Answers with Candidates for Apopka City Council Seat 3 - Week 3

Each week we will be asking the candidates the questions YOU'RE asking.

Week 3 Seat 3 Candidates Seat 4 Candidates

This Week's Question: If elected, how will you balance your Council duties with your other commitments (work, family, etc...)?”

Doug Bankson

Alice Nolan

Sam Ruth

Doug Bankson Alice Nolan Sam Ruth
I think its important first to note that the position of commissioner is a part time position as shown in the fact that two of our candidates had to cite work related issues as to why they were unable to attend last weeks forum. Some of these situations are beyond their control.

These things being understood, as for me personally, I have the privilege of making my own schedule so am at an advantage in one sense to be able to work my schedule around the duties required by the position. Having been an established ministry for 20 years, we have capable pastors and lay leaders to make sure there is no lack of attention to the needs of our ministry, enabling me to serve the city needs as well.

The position of commissioner is also served by the full time staff of the city who are paid to do the general running of the day to day tasks. This enables the commissioners, which serve more in the sense of a board of directors, to both be available to hear the public and be made aware by city staff of the details necessary to perform the duties required.


In the 1870’s my family settled the Piedmont area of Apopka, where they later opened a winery in 1968. My great grandfather Edward Miner started the Apopka Historical Society, where Ellen Grosenbaucher stated he truly loved and wanted to preserve our history. This gesture of putting your community first was passed down through generations to me. I have always taken time to do volunteering in Apopka - at the schools, attending City Council Meetings, and currently being a member of the Apopka Womans Club for example. As I do these and many other activities for our community, I make the best effort to involve my children, in hope that they will develop a love for their city as I have. As a stay at home mother, a lot of my time is focused on caring for my children. However, this also allows me time to pursue things that I am passionate about; Apopka. I want to make sure all citizens have the same wonderful life I have here, and I am willing to devote my time to making it that way. For Apopka is OUR home.


Our founding fathers gave us a nation organized as a representative republic. I often tell people, "It isn't my seat - it belongs to the people". I believe my life is very much like the majority of Apopkans. I work full time as a quality control specialist for a large national firm. I rise early every morning, generally starting work by 7 AM. I am contracted on large scale construction projects to assure companies can successfully earn LEED and energy efficiency certifications. These certifications allow cost savings on their energy consumption. I complete my tasks by mid afternoon which allows me to attend most community events. City Council functions are also primarily held in the evening, allowing working folks like myself the opportunity to participate.

I generally prepare for council meetings on the weekends, reading every page of the meeting packets and traveling to any sites I might need to view. My engineering background and understanding of the comprehensive plan and land development codes will be useful as the Council proceeds on their review. It is unfortunate these critical documents have not been updated since 1992. This is similar to the lack of necessary systems to run a city.


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