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Activities to Do at Home During the Pandemic


By Anil Chauhan

Currently, we are facing one of the hardest times of our lifetime. People are staying at home as much as possible to be safe, but we all know that staying at home or working from home is not quite easy. We are attached to activities that keep us entertained and we have hobbies we like doing. Many common ones can no longer be practiced now as restaurants, gyms, night clubs, and even shopping is either shut down or has very limited access. It is also forbidden to gather with larger groups of people, so you can no longer arrange a barbecue or block party with your friends and enjoy the fresh air together. And as it's looking, things aren't going to change anytime soon.

It makes sense then that so many are overwhelmed by the more-than-usual amount of free time inside our homes and don't often know what to do to keep from being bored. In order to help, here are a list of indoor activities for which you don't need a partner and that guarantee a lot of variety and entertainment. Here's to an end to corona boredom:

Painting and Crafts

Painting and crafts are not just for children. Letting your creativity run free helps counteract negative feelings. Dig out your old crafting utensils such as watercolors, cardboard, and paper. Just finding the supplies might take a few hours. But don't forget using other household items and exploring your garden for novel supplies, creative ideas, and even tools to help design unique works of art.


There is always something in your own four walls that you can beautify and make better. Maybe the furniture, or your walls. Now is the time to let your apartment shine in new colors and create a different 'flair' for your mental health and spirit. Even small changes can make a big difference, like new pillowcases. You don't have to spend much money on it. Google "upcycling" for more ideas. With a few simple ones you're bound to find, you can let off steam by embracing the motto "make old out of new".

Online Games

Classic board games are great ways to have fun with friends, but when you are alone, it is better to shift to online games. Your smartphone can be your good companion when you want to escape from all the things that are going on around. Even if you want to play some games with real money, there are several gambling websites where you can play your favorite games and get bonuses like free spins no deposit as well.

Cooking and Baking

Since eating makes us all happy, maybe try some new recipes during these longer days. You might also explore something crazy like canning, or making preserves - you'll feast not just for the next few days, but long into the winter months too. Just make sure you don’t feed yourself too much unhealthy food; it will make you more lethargic and feel worse during these already difficult days.

Yoga, Meditation, or Exercise

Practicing yoga and meditation can help balance the body and mind. If you need more action, you can let off steam with a power workout at home. If you are new to this then try a beginners’ video on YouTube. You also do not necessarily need aids such as dumbbells for home training, because you can work with your own body weight. Or cans from the pantry. Get creative. The good news is, whatever you try here, these activities will help boost your immunity as well.

Read and Write

In these times, bookworms get their money's worth. But those who prefer to be read aloud to aren't left in the dark as there are great audiobooks and entertaining podcasts available now. If you want to get creative yourself, try your hand at writing and become an author yourself. Maybe ideas for your own book have been haunting you for some time. Now would be the perfect time, with lots of extra time, to finally realize it.

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