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Accessibility can Boost Apopka Tourism Considerably

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to Apopka in search of solace or an exhilarating adventure. Among these visitors are an increasing number of individuals living with disability, looking to benefit from Florida’s efforts to make the state more accessible to residents and tourists alike. During the course of 2021, the state launched a campaign entitled ‘Limitless Florida’ in a bid to make it the most accessible destination in the world. At present, visitors with disabilities to the Sunshine State can visit accessible state parks, enjoy Braille historical tours, spend time at sensory-friendly tourist attractions, and engage in ‘rehearsal trips’ to become familiar with the surroundings. More efforts like these can boost Apopka tourism considerably.

The need for accessible tourism is huge

Nearly 61 million adults in the USA are living with a disability according to the CDC. Apopka can therefore not go wrong by making a greater effort to become more accessible. Currently, tourists with disabilities still encounter several barriers as far as accessibility is concerned. It includes a lack of wheelchair-accessible public transport, inaccessible sidewalks and streets, and a shortage of properly-adapted accommodation. Furthermore, the shortage of accessible bathrooms in restaurants, malls, and tourist attractions, limited availability of wheelchairs and other equipment, together with inaccessible websites can all deter a person with a disability from taking a well-deserved vacation.

Accessible tourism is far-reaching

Accessible tourism, which lies at the heart of the ‘Limitless Florida’ campaign, enables people with disabilities to function independently and enjoy the same level of service delivery as able-bodied individuals. There are many aspects of tourism that need to be addressed in order to truly make it accessible. This includes creating destinations, facilities, and infrastructure that is barrier-free, providing land, air, and sea transport that is suitable to able-bodied and disabled people, and adapted exhibitions, activities, and attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their abilities. It is also important to ensure that websites are accessible so that prospective visitors to Apopka can search for information and make reservations swiftly and easily.

Small changes make a big difference

A visit to the official Florida tourism website highlights the outstanding effort it is making to improve accessibility in various locations across the state. The easy-to-navigate, accessible site is filled to the brim with useful information as well as a series of videos that beautifully showcase how individuals with varying disabilities can still experience Florida to the fullest. The latest additions to the video series feature families with either a parent or a child who is differently abled. It includes neurodiversity and autism, Down Syndrome, and hearing impairments. Apart from showcasing the best the state has to offer, the videos also aim to reiterate how even seemingly small changes towards becoming more accessible can make a big difference to tourists with disabilities.  
Apopka is a popular destination among both able-bodied people and people with disabilities. By striving to become even more accessible, the local tourism industry can be boosted significantly.
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