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A teenager pushes back on technology usage


By Marcala Garland - Staff Writer for The Apopka High School Newspaper The Blue and White

We can’t remember Newton’s laws or the x’s and y’s, but one thing we don’t forget is, “Get off your phone!” (#MajorBug)

Adults always complain about teens and technology and how our lives depend on our social networking.

Phones aren’t the root of all laziness. (#RememberTheRemote) Does the term “couch potato” ring any bells? Did that come from tweeting and posting? (#Nope) Remember when you were younger and you had to get up and channel surf or go blind sitting closer to the TV, right? Then they made magical devices that allowed you stay on your big comfy couch. Was the mass culture complaining then? (#Hypoes)

Seriously though, what’s the issue with expanding technology anyways? (#Luddite)

They’re kind of right. (#Nah)

I personally salute anyone under 19 who can go 24 hours without a phone, laptop, or a tablet. (#That’sCray) What would I read? How will I find a simple hint of laughter? No tweets, no post, no pics? (#MySoulForASelfie)

Fun fact… according to a survey conducted by Pew Internet Teens, as of September of 2012, 78% of teens have a cell phone and almost half (47%) of those own smartphones.1385113_572734852775489_554636699_n

Looking at things from a teen’s perspective we know there’s more to our phones than Twitter and Instagram. See, to adults, we spend all of our time twitter beefing and posting selfies. (#TriggerFingersToTwitterFingers) Personally, my phone is my homework assignments, job schedule, and even teacher help at home. Not to mention, it’s an alarm clock, a calendar, an mp3 and then some.

Something we should consider is how we’ve become much more isolated. It seems we spend more time chatting online than actually going out. A story in The Wall Street Journal reported there being a “small-to-modest change, rather than a large drop in the number of people who report that they have they can discuss important matters with, compared to 1985.”

”I spend most of my time texting, of course, and playing madden mobile,” said Trelin Thomas, a junior at South Fort Myers High. Snapchat and Instagram are his two favorite apps. (#Saame)

Personally, I feel age has something to do with the answer to my question. Heidi Malesa, 29 year old hair technician, says she spends most of her time emailing, and every now and then she’d peep a post or two on Facebook.

Now, back to the relative comments. (#lol) South Fort Myers High junior Domenica, after checking her stats on her iphone6 plus, says she spends most of her time on Netflix (#NetflixAndChill) , and twitter. (#DataWaster) SFMY student Kamina also wastes data on twitter but says texting is 43% of her cell usage.

People may say technology is ruining our society. While that may be somewhat accurate, understand phones and social media give us a more broad connection. We meet people miles away that may end up being our soulmate or our best friend. Notice how I said maybe. (#Catfish)

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