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A Guide On How To Properly Protect Your Eyes From Harmful Light


Every day, we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and other harmful light from a variety of sources. While UV radiation can cause damage to the eyes, the bigger problem is that it is invisible. Arc welding and blue light from electronic gadgets are some of those other sources of light that can impair your vision. The danger is that continued exposure to harmful light can lead to cataracts, cause sleep problems, and also damage the retina. Despite all of this, there is good news. You can be proactive and take measures that help mitigate the effects of dangerous lights on your eyes. Here is a guide on how to properly protect your eyes from harmful light.

Use Sunglasses

During the day, our eyes are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light that causes harmful effects. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your children by wearing sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. These sunglasses are designed to shield your eyes from harsh sunlight and other unwanted particles, including dust that can irritate them. You can visit an optician to help you find appropriate sunglasses.

You can also get glasses that suit your needs without a prescription. All you need to do is to ensure that the lenses are green, gray, or brown, and they should have bigger lenses for effective protection. No matter how dark your glasses may be, they may not guarantee protection against UV rays from the sun. So make sure that the glasses offer 100% UV protection before you buy them.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light from electronic devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones have been reported to cause harm to your vision in the long run, if you use these gadgets without protection. The advancements in the technology we have today made it possible for us to get modern design glasses that help to block blue light, as well as aid health conditions accompanied by it. These glasses are backed by science, and they play a critical role in eliminating blue light and green light frequencies that could cause common eye problems and sleep disruption. Some of the blue light glasses are designed to help you sleep better and enjoy a healthier life. Some of these glasses are meant for nighttime, whereas others are for daytime use.

Wear a Hat

You should always wear a cap or a hat with a wide brim when walking in a sunny environment. A hat can also protect you even when the sun is covered by clouds. The main problem is that UV radiation is imperceptible, and its detrimental effects take time to show up. Therefore, don't leave your head exposed for an extended period when you are in the open. Always carry a hat or an umbrella.

You should also learn to take a break in the shade, especially if you are performing an activity outside. Working under direct sunlight is dangerous because of its possibility to strain your vision. If you are doing computer work indoors, it is also important to take short breaks and rest your eyes. Look around the room or take a short walk to avoid over-concentration on whatever you are doing. Blinking often can also go a long way in helping to moisten or refresh your eyes.

Provide Good Lighting

Make sure that you have good lighting in the area where you are working. Good lighting is important for your eye health because, whether you use low, dull or dark light, the effects are the same, and any inappropriate amount of light can be harmful to your eyes. Dark light though will make your eyes work extra harder than usual, and this will strain the retina. Make sure there is sufficient but not too bright light in the room where you are working.

Avoid Staring Into the Sun

Many people are tempted to stare directly into the sun using binoculars or other unfit glasses, especially during a solar eclipse. You must never look at the sun directly even when it is partially covered by clouds. Always get appropriate eyewear that you can use for special occasions like a solar eclipse. If you wear contact lenses, make sure they are good for your eyes.

UV radiation, arc, blue light, and other forms of harmful lighting can damage the eyes if you do not take appropriate measures to address the challenge. Common eye problems caused by dangerous light include cataracts or clouding of the eyes. The light can also damage the retina, and lead to permanent blindness if proper medication to mitigate its impact is not taken. There are simple solutions like wearing protective glasses and special hats that you can take to protect your eyes. Eye protection is crucial for all age groups since it guarantees healthy eyes for several years to come.

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