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A Comprehensive Guide to Surviving Florida Summers


Surviving the summer in Florida can be quite a chore to do, especially when you consider the fact that temperatures are on an ever-upward climb. That said, it's important to do all that you can do to stay cool because the consequences of failing to do so can be quite serious. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you survive Florida summers and stay safe while keeping up with your daily activities.

Use sunscreen

Every single time you step out of your house to go somewhere, you need to use sunscreen. Doing this can help you avoid issues with pigmentation, sunburn, and even skin cancer. The risks are true no matter how much time you spend in the sun. That said, look for good sunscreen and remember to protect yourself all the time.<

Dress right

Next, dress for the weather so that you don't run the risk of getting overheated. The best clothes for Florida's summers are light-colored clothes that fit loosely. If you don't have such clothes, buy some so that you can make the time you spend in Florida in summer more comfortable for yourself.

You don't even have to physically go shopping, since you can buy what you need online and have it delivered. Find a store that accepts your preferred method of payment, even if that's a cryptocurrency. A fun fact about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that blockchain is the open-source code that powers it and more than  6,000 other cryptocurrencies.

Stay hydrated

Make sure to stay hydrated so that you can alleviate the risk of getting dehydrated and suffering from a heat-related complication. This is a real risk because the hotter it gets, the more you sweat, and while this sweat helps keep you cool, it can leave you dehydrated faster. That said, drink more water than you normally do, and don't wait until you're thirsty to drink some more.

Re-schedule your workouts and practices

If you're an athlete, or you have to practice a sport or other activity, re-schedule the activity for earlier or later in the day. At these times, the heat is bound to be more bearable. Alternatively, do the activities indoors in a space with good ventilation and cooling. On this note, you may be interested to learn that you can save up to 31% on cooling in Florida if you simply replace single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR windows. This is something that both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from.

Take care of your air conditioner

If you take care of your AC, your AC will take care of you. With regular service and immediate attention in case something goes wrong, you can keep it running optimally all summer long. This means that you'll never have to go without cooling for your home and expose yourself and your family to the dangers of extreme heat. The fact that an estimated 70% of homes in the United States have central AC, according to Brookings, should show you the important role that this appliance plays.

Learn the signs of heat-related issues

Last but not least, it's a good idea to learn what the signs of heat-related issues are. This way, if you or someone near you experiences them, you may be able to act fast. That said, some of the symptoms you need to be aware of are profuse sweating, a pulsating headache, nausea or vomiting, feeling faint or dizzy, getting muscle cramps, and a temperature of more than 103. In case you notice these signs, the right steps to take are getting to a cooler location, taking small sips of cool water, and applying cool, wet compresses to exposed skin. In case there's no response or the condition worsens, call for emergency services.

This guide should help you take care of yourself and those around you in Florida's summers. Staying informed and being proactive can save a life in this case. You should do all you can to stay safe from heat-related issues.

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