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6 Ways Social Media Can Help You Effectively Grow Your Business and Increase Your Sales


Over four billion people use social media worldwide. This represents more than half the world’s population. While this may be a random fact for a normal person, for marketers, these numbers are simply too huge to ignore.

Social media provides one of the best opportunities to build a business. The best part? Social networks are totally free to use unless you want to run paid ads.

So, how exactly do socials like Facebook and Instagram grow your business?

1. Increase Brand Recognition

Social media is one of the best ways of getting the word out about your business. This increases the recognition of your brand, making it easier to attract new customers and create loyal ones. It’s a known fact that people prefer dealing with brands they know well.

Some data shows that social media can actually do a better job at creating brand recognition than traditional media. This is especially true for small businesses that don’t have the financial muscles to put up multiple prime-time ads. According to business statistics, 64% of marketers are now using social media to enhance their brand awareness.

Social networks put your brand in front of a unique audience for free or with paid ads. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have millions of active users on any given day. By using the right SEO for these platforms, your content will appear where you want it to, and it’ll give you more leads and engagements.

Besides paid ads and SEO, you can also work with influencers to increase your reach. An influencer will expose your products and services to thousands of people with just a few uploads.

Be careful with the type of influencers you work with. Choose someone who resonates with your audience and brand.

2. Increases Customer Engagement

The whole concept of social media is to generate engagements between users. As a business, a platform like Twitter gives you an excellent opportunity to interact with potential clients and existing customers.

Today, many brands are using their social pages to provide customer services. Clients complain and compliment through social media, and brands respond to the issues on the same platform. Giving feedback is really important regardless of whether you are receiving negative or positive feedback.

Criticism is your opportunity as a brand to show how you care about your clients and how swift you are about resolving issues. That’s why it’s imperative to have the right brains behind your pages.

Meanwhile, positive feedback is like free marketing. Besides recognizing the compliment, you can use it to attract new clients and get ahead of your competitors.

3. Drive More Traffic To Your Websites

Social media can be used to supplement your organic SEO strategies. With billions of users out there, you can drive so much traffic to your website if you implement the proper techniques. All this traffic has the potential to turn into leads.

Social network marketing edges Google SEO in various ways. First, it delivers almost instant results. When your post on Facebook or Instagram goes live, visitors will start interacting with it right away, and some of them will click through to your website. Meanwhile, Google SEO can take weeks to produce results.

Social media marketing is also easier to learn. You can complete a crash course on Facebook marketing within a few days. On the other hand, mastering Google SEO can take months, not to mention the turbulence that come with each core update.

You should know that different social networks require different marketing strategies. The techniques used in Pinterest marketing are very different from Facebook and other platforms. You can work with an agency to identify proven strategies that work on a specific platform. If budget is an issue, you can experiment with different techniques until you find the perfect fit for your business. [Check out options for survey campaign management as another marketing strategy.]

4. Increase Leads With Targeted Advertising

Socials like Facebook and Instagram utilize detailed insights to give every user a relevant ad. What does this mean? Based on the user’s behavior and patterns, the algorithm can predict what the person is interested in, and it’ll place the perfect ad. This increases the chances of conversion significantly.

Targeted advertising is one of the many benefits digital marketing has over traditional marketing. There is no point in spending hundreds of thousands or millions pushing a primetime ad to everyone watching the news, yet you can spend a fraction of that and achieve the same if not better results.

5. It Gives You Consumer Insights

Social networks like Pinterest provide valuable insight that can be used to create an effective marketing strategy. The data usually shows the current trends in the market, so you’ll know what exactly it is your customers want. This intel doesn’t just inform your marketing technique, but it can transform your business model entirely.

6. It Helps You Learn From Your Competitors

By keeping an eye on your competitor’s pages, you can identify areas where you need to improve to get ahead of them. This doesn’t mean you should duplicate your competitor’s strategy in its entirety, though.

Just pick some inspirations from their success and find a way to implement a better strategy. You should also learn from your competitor’s mistake.

It may take time to master the appropriate social media marketing strategy for your business, but once you do, the results will be nothing short of impressive.

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