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6 Must-See Iconic Racetracks to Experience the Thrill of Horse Racing


Nothing stirs up the excitement of a horse race like watching a gorgeous stallion reach full speed as it competes on an iconic racetrack. Horse racing is an electrifying experience that has captivated audiences for centuries. From the roar of thundering hooves to the collective gasp of onlookers when a winner is declared, these racetracks will surely thrill you with their beautiful scenery and memorable atmosphere.

Here are iconic race tracks around the world that make horse racing an unforgettable experience:

Saratoga, New York

A historic and beloved horse racing venue, Saratoga Racetrack is located in the scenic town of Saratoga Springs, New York. This storied track, which opened in 1864, has played stage to some of the greatest horse races in history. 

The three courses at the track are stunning: the main dirt oval, where thoroughbreds take center stage; the Mellon Turf track, which is located on the oval's outside perimeter; and the inner turf track, which is used for steeplechase competitions.

Throughout the racing season, Saratoga also provides a wide range of activities, including live music performances and race-themed parties.

Del Mar, California

Del Mar Racetrack in California is an iconic racetrack that has been thrilling fans since 1937. Located near the stunning Pacific coast, this historic raceway offers a unique sea view as horses compete for victory. Del Mar provides spectators a luxurious viewing experience, featuring beautifully manicured turf and breathtaking backdrops. The track also features some of the best racehorses in the world, with champions from across North and South America.

Del Mar Racetrack stands out because of its signature "Del Mar Stretch," an oval track with a chute for 7/8 and 11⁄4-mile races. This signature track adds an exciting element to every race as the horses challenge each other in a furious sprint to the finish line. 

Whether you’re looking for a thrilling day at the races or just want to take in the beauty of an iconic track, Del Mar Racetrack is a must-see destination that will leave you with lasting memories. And if you’re planning to bet, don't forget to study up on the latest Delmar racing picks to get an edge on the competition!

Royal Ascot, England

Since 1711, Royal Ascot in England has been the pinnacle of horse racing. One of the most spectacular locations for horse racing can be found in this track, which is housed within the storied confines of Windsor Great Park. This renowned racetrack generates an unforgettable experience for every racegoer with its stunning architecture and grandstands packed with hundreds of spectators wearing their finest.

The Ascot Gold Cup, the Queen's Plate, and other entertaining competitions like pony racing are just a few of the races and events that make Royal Ascot special. Of course, there are lots of upscale events throughout the season, such The Royal Meeting.

Tokyo Racecourse, Japan

The Tokyo Racecourse is both the most well-known and recognizable racetrack in the world for horse racing. This enormous oval grass track, which is 2.083 kilometers in length and has a capacity of 223,000 spectators, is owned by the Japan Racing Association. The grandstands provide an unrivaled view of the track, making for an amazing experience for fans.

The racecourse features some of the best horses in the world, with champions from all over Asia and Europe competing at Tokyo. This action-packed track is also home to many popular events throughout its racing season, including Derby Day, Grand Prix Week, and Japan Cup Week.

Longchamp, France

One of France's top thoroughbred racetracks, Longchamp Racecourse, is positioned on the outskirts of Paris. The Arc de Triomphe and the Grand Prix de Paris have both taken place at this historic track, which Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie constructed in 1857 out of their passion for horse racing.

The pleasure of watching a race at Longchamp is unmatched. Everything about this track is created for maximum pleasure, from the elegant grounds and traditional French architecture to the thrilling races.

Churchill Downs, Kentucky

Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, is the home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby and one of the most iconic race tracks in North America. This historic track has been thrilling horse racing fans since 1875 with its dizzying array of races and entertaining events.

It's a racing fan's paradise, from the famous Derby to exciting events like the Kentucky Oaks and the Breeders' Cup. During these iconic races, Churchill Downs transforms into a sea of people dressed in vibrant colors and bold fashion statements as they cheer on their favorite horses. 

This made Churchill Downs a title holder for the longest-running, continuous sporting event in the United States. With over 170,000 racegoers in attendance and millions more watching worldwide, this racetrack is a must-see for any horse racing enthusiast.

Even if you're not catching the race, Churchill Downs still offers plenty of thrills with its iconic twin spires and lavish facilities, including the Kentucky Derby Museum and the new trackside Turf Club.

Final Thoughts

Watching live races at some of the most prestigious racetracks in the world is the ultimate spectacle in horse racing, regardless of the style you choose. These historic locations have plenty to offer everyone, whether you're a devoted follower of horse racing or just seeking for a fun day out.

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