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5 New Year’s resolutions for your vehicle


At the beginning of the year, people tend to make new year’s resolutions. The tradition has been around for generations. And while our resolutions are usually health or finance-related, there are other things that we can improve in our lives as well.

Automobiles are a big investment and we rely heavily on the ability to drive places, so here are five new year’s resolutions for your vehicle you should try in 2021.

1. Check-ups

Just as we visit doctors for regular check-ups and physicals, our vehicles need regular maintenance too. This includes replacing filters, getting oil changes, adding performance and fuel enhancements and cleaners, rotating and balancing the tires, checking fluid levels, and more. Doing maintenance like this extends the life of your vehicle, keeps your gas mileage high, and reduces emissions, which protects our environment. In the long run, regular check-ups save you money. as it reduces the number of unexpected repairs you might experience.

2. Cleanings

Our cars need regular cleaning. Washing the outside of the car and applying the proper protectants keeps the paint looking shiny and new and cleaning the interior windows, dashboards, and upholstery keeps our vehicle in good condition.

3. Drive Safely

One of the most important things for our personal health is being safe. It’s obvious, but our car’s personal health is dependent upon us being a safe driver. Whether it means following the speed limit, being observant of others around us, paying attention to the road, not using devices while driving, or even not driving in hazardous conditions when possible, being a safe driver means that our cars maintain their beautiful physique and everyone inside remains safe and intact.

4. Know Your Vehicle

Again, your car is a big investment, so get to know it. This plays into the previous three resolutions – knowing your vehicle makes maintaining the car easier for the owner. Know your car’s history, abide by the instructions in the manual, keep records of work done on your car. Paying attention to the way your car functions and knowing when something seems off can help you deal with any repairs needed and possibly even save you money if a problem is recognized early on.

5. Let it Go (if necessary)

While we may get attached to our vehicle, it’s important to know when its time to say goodbye. If the cost of maintenance and repairs are more than the actual value of the car, then it’s time to find a new vehicle and stop wasting money. Buying a new vehicle will not only save you money in gas, but also in maintenance and repair costs. In some cases, it may even lower the cost of your insurance.

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