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5 Best Magento Store Development Tips to Convert Visitors into Clients


Does your online store get loads of traffic, but you don’t get many sales? If you have problems converting visitors into clients, you may be using the wrong Magento store development strategies. In order to learn more about web development and how it affects your online store, check out these Magento development services. 

Meanwhile, in this article, we’ll talk about things you can and should do to turn your visitors into clients. From strong web design to security features, we’ve rounded the top 5 tips to follow to engage more users. 

Take care of the security

If you want your visitors to turn into clients, you need to make sure that your store is a safe place for them to share strongly confidential information, such as home addresses, credit card numbers, etc. Otherwise, your visitors will opt for a competitor offering a more secure solution. 

Don’t let other stores steal away your customers with numerous security features, such as SSL certificates, solid backups, and updated versions of security software. You need to let your visitors know that they can rely on you and leave their personal information without the risk of becoming the victim of identity theft later. 

Also, don’t forget to perform regular updates of your platform and all of the software. In this way, you reduce the risk of cyber attackers getting through to your data. You can install specific antivirus software to add additional security layers.

Include powerful call-to-actions

Think of your online store as a huge mall without a single consultant. It would be pretty hard for regular customers to find the necessary shops and products quickly, right? That’s why you need to include clear and understandable call-to-actions, to guide the users and lead the way. 

Clear, and intuitive navigation and structure are a must for your store. Think about your Granny, and would she be able to navigate the site without the help? If the answer is no, there is still room for improvement. 

Call-to-actions are the signs that guide your customers toward the decision you need them to make, whether it’s purchasing a product or subscribing to the newsletter. They should be clear, straightforward, and in the right place, but not too demanding; you don’t want the users to feel pressured.

Offer loyalty programs

No matter what kind of goods or services you sell, any eCommerce store can gain more customers by offering discounts, sales, or special pricing for returning customers. Users prefer to purchase products from stores where they can get interesting offers. 

Let’s review some of the perks of loyalty programs: 

  • Increase the customer lifetime value
  • Lead to repeating purchases
  • Boost revenue
  • Encourage word-of-mouth advertising
  • Build customer loyalty

These and other factors sum up in the increased conversion rates. If you offer your customers points, discounts, free shipping, member-only perks, and so on, they will not only be excited to return to your store but also to bring their family and friends as well. 

If you reward your customers for buying from you, they will reward you with their loyalty. Loyal customers don’t consider going for the competitors; they go straight for you when searching for a product. In this way, you don’t lose customers to the competition. Yet, this is a habit you should cultivate, and it works out in the long term perspective. 

Make the responsive website

These days, you never know what kind of devices the customers are using. Customers access your website from all kinds of laptops and mobile phones. And you need to make sure that the store is displayed adequately on all of them. The key to ensuring that is making a responsive website. 

With responsive websites, you get more mobile traffic. According to statistics, more than half of traffic to top websites in the USA is from mobile devices. As such, it’s crucial to have a website that properly renders on mobile devices. Some companies still choose to have separate applications for mobile devices. However, going for responsive websites offers more versatility at lower development costs. 

A responsive website also means faster pages and lower bounce rates. Modern users usually have short attention spans and tend to abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Responsive websites eliminate those issues, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. 

Optimize the checkout process

The checkout is the last step of the user journey but arguably the most important one. If the customers can’t pay quickly and in a convenient way, chances are that they will abandon your store and look for an alternative option. 

The essential thing is to include multiple payment options, especially if you aim to sell globally. Providing customers with the ability to pay in their currency or in a convenient way increases the chances that they will opt for your products. 

If your checkout includes several steps, make sure to include checkout flow at all times. The users will be less frustrated if they can see at what point of the checkout process they are and how many are left to go. Or consider single-page checkout to frustrate your customers even less. The simpler the checkout is, the better conversion results you get. 


There are lots of factors that affect user journey, from their ability to access the website from a mobile phone to specifics of the checkout process. You need to analyze your store’s performance, how it’s built and how your visitors interact with it. 

Strong security, fast checkout, and clear call-to-actions are among the key factors that affect conversion rates. Customization and a unique approach to every client also play an important role. Develop a loyalty program or offer special discounts for returning customers, and you’ll see the results soon enough. 

If you are a little lost on where to start with improving your online presence, consider working with a web development company. They will help you analyze the work processes and develop the necessary solution.

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