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4 Tips On Defending Yourself And Your Family From Intruders



By Allen Brown

Even with its beauty and infinite wonders, our world is one where anything could go wrong, and too often does. From accidents, to robberies, to intrusions... we know the list goes on from what we see on TV, read, or have experienced.

For most people, family means the world. No one can explicitly describe that urge we all have to protect our families from harmful forces, but we have it and want to be ready. Here are tips to guide you in defending yourself and your family from intruders.

Tip 1: Be Proactive

Being proactive is similar to being forearmed, and it matters in protecting your family. If eventually the need to defend your home arises, you'll be ready because you have been proactive.

Steps to protecting your home and family include:

  • Self-defense Classes

This is a great way to get ready. Instinctual self-defenses are good at helping you keep your mind and body active and alert. You will learn how to react to protect yourself and others. There are a variety of styles you could learn for self-defense: kung fu, jujitsu, taekwondo, karate, etc. You should also encourage your family to take classes with you and in no time you all could become butt-kicking, kung fu masters.

  • Teach Your Kids

Many home invasions start from the gentle knock on the door. Most children, because of their exuberant nature, can be quick to open doors and let people in before confirming the identity of the person. Teach your children to confirm the identity of the person before opening the door or to alert an elder family member about the knock.

  • Read Books

How-to books have been a major lifesaver in learning new skills. There are many books on defending your home from intruders and invasions that have been written. A highly recommended book is 'How to defend your family and home from intruders' by Dave Young, a personal safety and defense expert for civilian law enforcement and the US military.

  • Fill Up Gaps

Gaps include repairs and reinforcement of old structures. Do you have flimsy doors? Change them out. The windows don't close all the way? Fix them. There's a hole in the fence? Seal it up. Fill up gaps and tie up loose ends that could make your home appear neglected, easy to access, and more vulnerable to attack.

  • Practice Emergency Responses With Your Family

Practicing emergency drills is a good way to get you and your family prepared for any type of unwanted invasion. Creating simple 'code words' that will alert the family about an intrusion is recommended. You could also create paths that lead out of the house, which every member of the house could use in case of emergencies. Be sure to pick a designated safe place to meet up if you must exit your house unexpectedly.

  • Gear Up

You can get self-defense equipment like tasers, pepper spray, and tranquilizers. You may wish to get heavy firearms and go all John Wick on the intruder, but firearms are extreme equipment that only trained users should handle.

Selecting safer and non-fatal equipment is a great start. Worried about the cost of gear? Don't. You can get the proper gear for self-defense at an affordable price. Through the use of coupons, you can save a lot of money and still get high-quality equipment. For example, the use of the palmetto state armory discount code can help you get your defense gear at a discounted price.

Tip 2: Airtight Security

We can never underestimate a good home security system. A good system includes fences, surveillance cameras, alarms, and sturdy doors with passwords. A safe room where you and your family can retreat can also be included.

Tip 3: Control Your Immediate Reaction

What do you do when you realize an intruder is already in your home? Panic? No. Try some flying kung fu moves on the intruder? Not yet. Make very loud, frightening, ghostly, or echoing sounds to scare off the miscreant intruding on your property? Hilarious maybe, but if no one is near enough to hear or assist you, not likely very helpful.

First step when you see the intruder breaking in, do not panic. Try to keep calm and quiet to avoid being seen by the intruder and get out immediately if you can. If you can't get out, retreat into a safe or safer room if you can, and try to call the police. Do not engage immediately when you see the intruder. Remember, the safety of you and your family is of utmost priority.

If the intruder barges in and you find yourself in the same room, quickly assess the danger level. You could opt for defensive action while protecting your body, but risk they have a weapon you didn't see. If the intruder is armed, avoid threatening the person. The triggers for firearms are very quick to react and impossible to reverse. Remain calm and cooperative, and try as much as possible to notice the features of the person for future identification.

Tip 4: Call For Help

This goes without saying, but as soon as you can, call the police. Alert your neighbors. You could set off your security system to produce noise loud enough to unnerve the intruder and alert the entire neighborhood.

Family is life. Family is love and family is the path of light that keeps us guided in the dark. It is paramount we take measures to ensure our safety and that of our family.

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