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3 Ways to Sell your Wine Collection Online


By Rebecca Nelson

Have you decided on selling your alcoholic beverages? And have you thought through how you are going to sell them? Nowadays, many people opt to sell items through the internet, mainly because it is convenient for both the seller and the buyer, and this is no different with wine.

One of the benefits is that as a seller, you don't have to remain in one place while doing business. You could be at your workplace, your home, or in another country entirely.

Here are three different online ways to sell your wine collection that you might consider.

Online Shops

Commercial online shops are a go-to for people who are unable to buy in a physical store. With an online shop, people can quickly look for the product they want and purchase it in one click. It is convenient for sellers too. One main convenience is that it will cost less for you than selling through a physical store.

Another benefit is that the company will handle the transaction, particularly the delivery of your product and collecting your buyers' payment. The only inconvenience is that the while the company will handle most of the transactions, they may have additional charges for you, either in regard to your product or your account subscription.

The following sites are popular online shops.


Amazon is one of the biggest and most well known online shops. Founded in 1994, it has grown as one of the USA's biggest companies, along with Google and Apple. It also has a variety of products, each of them providing a specific service. One of these products is Amazon Alexa, a virtual assistant AI found in millions of homes around America.


Another one of the biggest online shops in America, eBay, has been a platform for shoppers and sellers since 1995. Initially just a website for online auction, it provides free access for customers to purchase goods from them. The company operates in 33 countries, which is convenient for traveling shoppers.

Local Sales

Local sales refer to selling on sites that are not necessarily used primarily for online shopping. These may be sites that are largely oriented toward social media or ads. This option is for sellers who want to sell hands-on, facilitating all the details and keeping all the sales themselves.

The upside is you get to communicate directly with the buyer and negotiate how to deliver the wine, which can guarantee your product's safety. All you need to do is post what you sell, such as "sell my wine" and include the description and price. Buyers will then directly contact you and will inquire or purchase. It is up to you to negotiate the delivery process. First time sellers may want to try selling locally initially.

The following sites are where people can buy goods directly from the seller.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is currently one of the biggest names in the social media industry. Besides being a platform for people to express their ideas and feelings, it has also added features to make the site more convenient, such as crisis response, fundraisers, and even dating.

One of these features, marketplace, was added to create an easy buy and sell community where Facebook users can buy or sell items from the comfort of their account and allows for direct communication with the people they negotiate with.


Craigslist is a site dedicated to classified advertisements. It has different advertising sections, such as job hiring, forums, community services, and commerce. These advertisements are called postings.

These are made by people or organizations who post a request or offer, along with contact information for those interested in getting in touch with them. Craigslist is a privately owned company that operates over 70 countries and has been referenced many times in American Pop Culture.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are a good option, especially if most of the wines you have are of good quality, where you may opt to sell them individually and for a reasonable price. Auctioning is a process where goods are being offered for bidding, and is sold to the highest bidder.

The main advantage of auctions is that you can sell off your collection at its highest monetary value. One of the best sites to auction is eBay, which has been facilitating online auctions for more than twenty years. The following are other good sites for online auctions.


Bonanza is an online shop that is often considered a good eBay alternative. It goes with the slogan "everything but the ordinary," showcasing a variety of products from third-party sellers with lesser-known brand names.

The advantage of this website for buyers is that purchasing from this shop is cheaper than that of more prominent companies. The auction is also free for them to join, allowing more people to bid for your products.


Another excellent online auction site is eBid. As the name suggests, the site is mainly for auction. It has two million users with a wide range of items being sold, from the ordinary to the bizarre. Items that buyers want are easy to find and have a help section that can aid first time buyers and sellers in how things operate in the site.


A lot of people would love a glass of good wine. Investing in these can help you make a good profit, as long as you are sure you know the terms and conditions of the site you entrust your product to. Here's to earning a good sum from selling your wine collection.

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