From the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District

Washington, D.C. – The American Public Gas Association (APGA) has named Samuel Davis Jr., General Manager & Chief Executive Officer for Lake Apopka Natural Gas District, as the First Vice Chair of its Board of Directors.

Samuel Davis Jr.

Mr. Davis was elected during the APGA Annual Meeting in Portland, Ore., where he began a one-year term.  APGA is a national, not-for-profit association of over 700 publicly-owned local distribution systems in 37 states.  APGA is the only trade association that solely represents the interests of public natural gas systems at the federal legislative and regulatory level. The following statement can be attributed to APGA President and CEO Bert Kalisch.

“Mr. Davis brings to the APGA Board many years of experience working in the natural gas industry.  With his management skills and vast understanding of the issues facing natural gas utilities, Mr. Davis represents an important element of APGA’s leadership.  His leadership ability and knowledge of natural gas distribution utilities will serve our members and industry well.

“With the many current natural gas issues being discussed in Congress, the administration and federal agencies, public natural gas systems are presented with numerous challenges and opportunities. Our current supply projection provides our country with a unique opportunity to utilize our domestic natural gas resources to reduce our energy dependence, increase overall energy efficiency, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. This is best done by both accommodating the greater direct-use of natural gas and putting more natural gas vehicles on the road.  Mr. Davis understands the issues we face and APGA looks forward to his leadership over the next year to meet these challenges and address the needs of natural gas consumers.”

About the APGA

APGA is the national association of municipally and publicly-owned local distribution systems. There are about 1,000 public gas systems serving more than 5 million customers. These public gas utilities are not-for-profit retail distribution entities that are owned by, and accountable to, the citizens they serve. They include municipal gas distribution systems, public utility districts, county districts, and other public agencies that have natural gas distribution facilities.



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