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Mr.Towne, I will try Heber's sometime. Maybe the chicken, or the Cuban sub, which is ham and cheese, with mustard and pickles. Now, if it has roasted pork marinated in mojo, I might have to say, leave that part off, for me. I have tried roasted pork with mojo, and did not care for it. I accidently got some, selecting takeout, at another place, a grocery store, and thought it was regular BBQ, but I found out it wasn't. No mo joe, for me, lol. My daddy, God rest his soul, wasn't constantly cussing, only when he was aggravated, or upset, like when we would snicker about how he could cuss out a fly near his food, or cuss out mosquitoes, but daddy contracted malaria in the military, and was very near death, they were preparing him a toe tag, and last rites, so he hated mosquitoes, and yes, flies, big time. Hope you are doing well, keep writing!

From: Do you recognize good food when you taste it?

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