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My daddy, mama, my fiancee, and I, went to Key West on a road trip, right after I graduated high school. It was to celebrate my mama's birthday, too, as I graduated the same day as her birthday. When we were there in Key West, my daddy went into a little Cuban restaurant to get some coffee. He brought it back, and oh my gosh, my daddy sure could do some cussing when he would get upset, and he sure did that day, when he tasted that Cuban coffee! He spit it out, was cursing worse than a sailor, and I asked, what's wrong daddy? After some more very choice words, he said it was worse than a strong nasty cough syrup, and just nasty! I guess daddy didn't appreciate authentic Cuban coffee, and didn't know what he was getting, but we found out that is the norm for Cuban coffee, very thick, and very strong. Is Heber's Cuban coffee like that, Mr. Towne? We had a pretty good time in Key West, camping, fishing, sight seeing, etc.then my daddy died less than two months later. He got sunburned too, blistered very badly, while fishing, was somewhat crabby, but he was in bad health because of his heart, but later, I realized daddy just really felt horrible because of his condition, but went on this trip all for mama and me to celebrate. I never expected he was going to pass away so soon, after we went down to Key West, for fun and celebration. Yeah, life comes at you fast, when you least expect it.

From: Do you recognize good food when you taste it?

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