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This is to Apopka Critic.....regarding the recent COA payroll blunder, where the COA employees checks didn't get deposited to the bank......this type of payroll blunder happened before, only then, it was when bonus checks given out at Christmas time to city employees BOUNCED. This happened under Mayor Kilsheimer's watch, not Mayor Nelson's. Also, then, when City Commissioner, Sammy Ruth, brought up the subject at the city council meeting, he informed Mayor Kilsheimer that a city employee had called him up cursing him out about it, and Sammy told Mayor Kilsheimer that he didn't have anything to do with the bonus checks bouncing. Mayor Kilsheimer couldn't stop laughing......I thought to myself, if that was Mayor John Land.....he wouldn't have been amused, if a city employee had cursed out a city commissioner. No way!

From: Sanchez tries to suppress the fire over the AFD budget

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