Editor’s Note: The Apopka Voice is running a series highlighting several key 2020 election categories and candidates running in the August 18, 2020 primary, and November 3, 2020 election. While not every category of office will be covered, we will be spotlighting candidates running in the following races in Orange County: Sheriff, Property Appraiser, and School Board Member District 7.

For the Orange County Sheriff race, there are six candidates who qualified to run: the incumbent, Orange County Sheriff John Mina, Democratic candidates Andrew Darling, Jose “Joe” Lopez, Eric L. McIntyre, and Darryl B. Sheppard, and Write-in candidate Tim Lucas Adams. Here is a brief snapshot of these candidates’ campaign finances as of August 12, 2020*:

Meet the candidates for Orange County Sheriff

Incumbent, Democratic Candidate:

John Mina: Total contributions received: $342,135.72; Total spent: $317,097.35; Cash on hand: $25,038.37

Democratic Candidates:

Andrew Darling: Total contributions received: $42,556.40; Total spent: $36,215.30; Cash on hand: $6,341.10

Jose “Joe” Lopez: Total contributions received: $71,278.17; Total spent: $63,496.11; Cash on hand: $7,782.06

Eric L. McIntyre: Total contributions received: $17,050.65; Total spent: $15,393.44; Cash on hand: $1,657.21

Darryl B. Sheppard: Total contributions received: $10,900.00; Total spent: $0.00; cash on hand: $10,900.00

Write-In Candidate:

Tim Lucas Adams: Total contributions received: $100.00; Total spent: $23.00; Cash on hand: $77.00

*Candidates financials were corrected on August 15, 2020 to reflect only contributions and expenses from 2019 – 2020 for the 2020 campaign

We reached out to all of the candidates and requested responses to six interview questions. The incumbent Sheriff Mina, and candidates Darling, McIntyre and Adams provided responses. The order in which the candidates profiles were published was determined by random drawing, resulting in Mina (1st), Adams (2nd), Darling (3rd), and McIntyre (4th).

Who is Tim Lucas Adams?

At the request for a photo, Tim Lucas Adams (WRI), candidate for Orange County Sheriff, supplied this artistic rendering; date of rendering unknown

Tim Lucas Adams’ resume was supplied for his profile information and included the following:


Adams earned his Associates of Arts degree in 1989 from Valencia Community College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida in 1991. He continued on to do graduate work in Public Administration and Educational Leadership at the same university, while just one year later, in 1992, earned his Associate of Science degree in the Paralegal Program from Southern College. Seventeen years later, in 2009, Adams earned his Construction Management Training Program through The Turner School of Construction Management.

Adams additionally lists that he completed Communications courses with the Community College of the United States Air Force, and Air University, University of Maryland Center, as well as earned a Masters of Ministry degree through City Central College and Seminary, SM, and further, earned the Doctor of Theology degrees with the Urban University Seminary, SM, in Ministry Studies.


Adams served his country in 1965 as a United States Air Force Communications Specialist, serving for three years until 1968.

He continued his service with Bethune-Cookman College in Dayton Beach as an advocate and professional mentor for the Broadcast Skills Bank, and served as the Coordinator for the Talent Search Program that served all of Florida from 1972-1974.

In 1977 he served as a Corrections Officer for Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and then again as Chaplain and on the Sheriff’s Task Force from 2000-2005. He also served as a Veteran Chaplain with the same office.

From 1991-1992 Adams was active in the Education realm, assisting in coordinating the Client Directed Integration Program of the College of Education for the University of Central Florida, and then later, from 2001-2010, serving as Academic Dean of the Doctor of Theology Studies Program at Urban University Seminary.

In 2014, Adams served as the Public Relations and Recruitment Specialist for the Pharos Organization. And in 2016 for four months Adams served as the Voter Canvassing and Precinct Supervisor for Public Relations and Recruitment Specialist for the Phil Diamond,  Orange County Comptroller, with 15 team members that he helped supervise.

Additionally, Adams lists the following ways he has also served to help the community:

  • Permanent Relief Teacher at Jones High School with Principal Gary, in the  Orange County Public School system
  • Participated in providing supervision to 60 students with the Orlando Urban Service Corps, a program sponsored by ACTION, the City of Orlando, Orange County, and the Florida departments of Labor and Employment
  • Taught Home Building to students at Seminole High School, with The Private Industry Council, and sponsored by the United States and Florida Departments of Labor
  • Developed curriculum for Youth Home Building Course Designer, through Seminole County schools
  • Lecturer at Bethune-Cookman College and City Central College
  • Served as a teacher for Poinsett Elementary School in Cocoa, FL as well as at Saint Mark Preparatory School in Orlando
  • Adams was a part of the Community Elected Leaders Forum at FAMU College of Law, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  • Served as the moderator and featured speaker for the Relationship Classes at the National Organization of Law Enforcement Professionals Conference, in Orlando


Adams lists the following as his skills and abilities, with several in the arena of running campaigns, dealing with strategy, and working with a variety of coalitions and environments:

  • Ability to develop strategic organizational plans for local and state programs, that promote the vision and mission of a progressive organization
  • Ability to collaborate with organizing departments and directors to reach all campaign goals
  • Implement creative and innovative strategies that move state and local campaigns forward including using strategic communications
  • Ability to build relationships with local and national partners as they relate to specific campaign plans
  • Ensure coalition meetings are attended, as well as calls and conferences, as they relate to specific campaign plans or political strategy of organization
  • Ability to strategize and support long-term visioning for the organizations growth in multiple areas
  • Ability to work closely with Executive Directors, Vice President & Managing Directors, on ways to promote leadership development within an evolving staff culture
  • Represent the organization on many statewide and national platforms
  • Serve as the chief strategist for the organization’s campaigns
  • Experiences and knowledge of leadership and management experience with a proven track record of meeting goals and deliverables
  • Strong experience with organizing campaigns with state or local significance
  • Understanding of issues facing low income communities, minority communities, women, low-wage workers, immigrant communities, and other impacted communities
  • Demonstrated experience in recruiting, motivating, and training staff, activists and volunteers
  • Experience building broad-based coalitions
  • Comfort with the implementation of a range of organizing strategies and tactics
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivated – proven ability to work independently
  • Ability to be a team player and work in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment
  • Dedication and ability to work flexible hours
  • Commitment and passion for social justice and the organizations’ mission


American Veterans Post 30, Orlando; American Legion Orlando; Urban League Guild of the Metropolitan Orlando Urban League; Various American Chambers of Commerce of Central Florida, Founding Member; Chaired the By-Laws Committee; Chairman of the Urban American Council of Clergy of Central; served as the Florida Economic Development Council chairman (2006-2008); West Central Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Board Member (1980 – 2008); Member of the West Orange County Citizens Task Force for Safety and The Orange County Crime Prevention Council; served as a Loss Prevention Specialist Board Member of the Citizens Council for West Orange Community Development; served as a Board Member of the Community Legal Services of Mid Florida (2009-2017);

Interview questions and Adams’ responses

If elected to this position, and if COVID-19 is still going strong, what would you do to make sure your vision for and effectiveness as a leader for and with the community stays on track and makes a difference?

“Public safety is my most important interest. 
I would provide public safety information that will lead ordinary citizens to want to be cognizant that all of us depend upon each other to remain healthy. The scientific information will be shared by each and every deputy and all employees of the Orange County Sheriff’ Office.”

What have you been doing that is unique to let voters know who you are and what you are about since campaigning during COVID-19 (mid-March to present)?

“I have researched extensively, by utilizing medical journals and publications that are very credible, to decipher best practices during this and future challenges.”

What has been a highlight during your experience running for this position? 

“The recognition that local Central Florida news media have shared our diverse
views by all candidates.”

What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the Orange County Sheriff’s Office?

“The need to implement more life saving procedures.”

What is your #1 hope for Orange County that you would love to make a reality if elected? 

“My hope is that the school to prison activities are channeled away from incarcerating hundreds of youth daily.” 

What would you like to say to voters who have not decided who they will vote for yet?

“Be very careful to vote for a United States Military Veteran who is a certified and verified United States citizen.”


About the process: The Apopka Voice emailed the same six questions to all candidates running in the offices and positions outlined above, if their email address was listed. In cases where no email was provided, we left a voicemail requesting their email, and /or sent a message on Facebook requesting it if no phone number was provided. There were a few candidates that provided no contact information at all, or their voice mailbox was full. The response deadline was given equally to all candidates. Biographical information was pulled from the candidates campaign websites and / or Facebook page, when possible.


  1. I see that you have an impressive background, yet I do not understand why you are running as a write-in candidate. Also, I see that you state to be careful, and vote for a US military vet who is certified and verified US citizen. That is sort of a baffling statement. Donald Trump isn’t a military vet, and now there are false accusations that VP pick, Kamala Harris, is not a US citizen, when yes, she is. Odd, that you would make that statement, IMO concerning a run for county sheriff….???

  2. Thank you, for asking:
    To Start:
    a. ) You do not need to be concerned about the Write in status; It is a Fact.
    b. ) The Verified Citizen Choice is my way of requesting that you consider that a person whose U S Citizen Status is reported to be lacking.
    c. ) Your Being Baffled is Fully Recognized. Thank You.
    So; Your Questions have /Answers within the Questions:
    d. ) Please Vote for Whomever you fgeel is a Verified United States Citizen; I Am!


  3. Tim Lucas Thank you you have a Very Impressive background.i am not sure why you are a write in Canidate,I am not concerned about that.

  4. Other than your work history, what separates you from the other candidates?

    What makes you the best candidate to become sheriff of Orange County?

    What life saving procedures do you intend on implementing for our county?


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