A “Friendraiser” at Catfish Place attracts 75 supporters

Ten days ago Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson announced his candidacy for Mayor of Apopka.  Today he began his campaign by meeting with friends, family, and residents of Apopka at The Catfish Place Restaurant.

He called it a “Friendraiser.”

Bob Johnson, the owner of The Catfish Place, introduced Nelson.  Johnson related how he first met Nelson 35 years ago during his first week of operation.

In that time, both men have come a long way. Johnson the owner of one of the most successful restaurants in Apopka, and Nelson a former Legislator, current Orange County Commissioner, and a local business owner as well.

Nelson addressed the crowd of about 75 supporters, and in his short speech, he stressed the need to bring civility back to City government.

“You can’t always agree with everybody, but you can handle yourself with civility because we need this community back together.” said Nelson “We’ve got so many opportunities but only one chance to get those opportunities right.”

Nelson attended the event in a casual button-down short sleeve shirt and blue jeans. His attributed his “get-to-work” attitude as the reason for his attire.

“It’s not just about being in a coat and tie. I’ve got my work jeans on too,” he said. “It’s about getting the local community involved.”

Part of that community involvement will come in the form of enabling non-profits to flourish in their roles in Apopka.

“Community organizations are better equipped to meet certain needs,” he said. “Needs that are beyond the role of government.”

Nelson is challenging one-term Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer, who also announced his candidacy for re-election last week.



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