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Isadora Dean announced her candidacy for The Orange County Public School Board District 7. She is running against incumbent District 7 member Christine Moore who was elected in 2008, and Valerie Radcliffe of Mt. Dora (but inside Orange County). District 7 is in Northwest Orange County mostly north of Colonial Drive. Dean is the  wife of City Commissioner Billie Dean.

Isadora Dean
Isadora Dean

Dean announced her candidacy in press release emailed to The Apopka Voice:

“As a former Orange County Public School teacher, with 42 years teaching experience at Apopka Jr. High (now Apopka Middle), Apopka High, Ocoee High and Acceleration Academy West, in Orlando; home visitor and parent involvement trainer to families of preschool through high school age children; a parent whose children were educated in Apopka’s schools; resident and active and concerned citizen in the Apopka community for 35 years… Who could be more qualified to seek a position on Orange County’s Public School Board, District 7? The primary focus of this campaign will be, “Students’ Success Comes First” with respect for teachers and the involvement and support of families and the community. This campaign will LISTEN and LEARN from former and current educators, parents, students and community members, in order to make a REAL difference for the future-OUR STUDENTS…OUR CHILDREN! ‘Students’ Success Comes First’ will be promoted in a caring, fair, tough-love and safe environment with fiscal integrity and respect for students, teachers and parents.”

The Primary Election for The School Board District 7 seat is August 30th. If none of the three candidates gains a majority, the top two vote-getting candidates move on to the General Election on November 8th.



  1. Congratulations Ms. Dean, on announcing your run for the school board. I know you have thought about this for a very, very long time, so I am not surprised at all, that you are running. I’m certain you’ll be dedicated to getting the best for this area’s school children. I met Ms. Radcliffe, recently too, and she is dedicated also, as she has several children of school age. I don’t have children, or grandchildren myself, but I do live in close proximity to Apopka Middle, Dream Lake, 9th grade center, Apopka Elementary, and I am right next door to the Apopka High. Some days, I feel like I’m back in school! I remember when you used to visit my next door neighbor, and tutored them years ago. I wish you well, Ms. Dean!

  2. Congratulations, Mrs. Dean! I know you have thought about this for a long time. I am here if you need for anything. Good luck!

  3. Good to hear Mrs. Dean it will be a blessing for you hold that post. You and your husband were two of my favorites Teacher . It is always a pleasure to see you all. You have my support.

  4. Isadora Dean is a great role model not only for me but all students that had the pleasure of meeting her acquaintance. I came from Phyllis Wheatley, which was predominantly an African American School of Orange County in the 1980’s. By the time I reached High School, I met Mrs. Dean and thought that it was strange that she counseled Hispanics and Whites as well. In my twelfth year, I was ready to give up on graduating just a couple of months before graduation. I had all of my credits except for the fourth year of English to graduate. In spite of what my parents told me, I still wanted to drop out because of a mistake I had made. Mrs. Dean was there for me through it all. Mrs. Dean counseled me at a time that I thought there was no other option than to not finish what I had gone to school for years to accomplish. Mrs. Dean worked with my mother and the Migrante program to get me back in school because I had missed so many days I did graduate and am who I am today thanks to God, my family, and Mrs. Dean.Twenty-three years later, I still carry the teachings of Mrs. Dean in my head. When I feel that there is something that I can not accomplish, I think of those same teachings that Mrs. Dean taught me when i was in despair. I am grateful that God put this woman in my life. We have a God up above, but God has people that are here on earth to veer you in the right directions. Mrs. Dean, I want to thank you, not only for me but for the thousands of children that are of many cultures that you have helped develop to become accomplished adults. I am proud to share you with Orange County. Mrs. Dean definitely has my vote. I know what Mrs. Dean have to offer, and it is now time that everyone else knew.


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