Orange County – Hurricane Dorian Update #6

Key Information for Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Dorian:

Orange County, Fla. – Orange County’s latest information from its Emergency Operations Center shows that Hurricane Dorian has slowed down to one mile per hour and has yet to make a turn.  Based on the latest models, we expect to start feeling the winds from Hurricane Dorian about 24 hours from now, Tuesday around noon. The effects of the storm are expected to stay with us until Wednesday afternoon.


More than 150 residents and some visitors have checked into shelters. Visit for a list of available shelters or contact 311. Orange County has nine general shelters open (which include four pet-friendly shelters) and two special needs/medical shelters. Today, Orange County also made the shelter at Ocoee High School a pet-friendly shelter to accommodate residents on the west side who would like to bring their pets. Please note, there are no showering facilities available at shelters and you must bring your own bedding.

If you require a Special Needs/Medical shelter, it is important that you contact 311 or visit in order to coordinate transportation assistance from LYNX.

Price Gouging

Report any price gouging to local law enforcement. You can report price gouging or get more information by calling the Florida Attorney General Price Gouging Hotline at 1-866-966-7226 or at

Mayor Demings also signed an anti-price executive gouging order today, which includes price gouging for fuel, hotels, apartment rentals etc.

Yard, Garbage & Recycling Collection

All garbage/recycling services are suspended Monday, Sept. 2, Tuesday, Sept. 3 and Wednesday, Sept. 4. For the most up-to-date information, visit

Secure all roll carts, large items and yard waste, including tree trimmings, which might become projectiles in the storm. Bring the material into the garage, shed or closer to the home, but not near the curb where it could block storm drains.

The Landfill and the Porter Transfer station will be open today, Sept. 2, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fees for yard waste from homeowners (not commercial businesses) will be waived. Visit or

Orange County Government Closures: Normal Business Operations Suspended on Sept. 3 and Sept. 4

Orange County Government’s non-essential offices and services will be closed on Tuesday, Sept. 3 and Wednesday, Sept. 4, this includes the Orange County/Osceola Court system.

Orange County Public Schools is also cancelling classes on Sept. 3 and Sept. 4.


According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, no decision has made yet about curfews. A decision may be made later today. Please follow Orange County Government and Orange County Sheriff’s Office for the latest update.

Homeless Population for Shelters

During an anticipated storm/hurricane event, Orange County works with many local homeless service provides and they are the boots on the ground to reach out to the homeless population with fliers, transportation, etc..

LYNX coordinates with the City of Orlando and Orange County Government officials to transport homeless to designed homeless shelter locations.

Additional Info 

Visit for the latest information for Orange County residents and contact 311 ( for any questions. Since Hurricane Dorian 3,500 calls or inquiries have come into Orange County through 311.

Follow Orange County’s social channels on Twitter at @OrangeCoFL and Facebook at


  1. Apopka High School is a hurricane shelter that also takes in pets. That is a good thing… We were not planning on going there, but looked over there, while driving by. It was reported that it would open this past Sunday at 12:00 noon, but when we drove by, I didn’t see any gates open, they were locked…..??? If there was another way in, then I don’t know where. They usually have church there on Sundays too, normally. Living very close to AHS, people often ask us questions about things at the school.

  2. It was so dark this morning. We got some wood, and my husband boarded up some of our windows, not knowing just how bad it is going to be. I wondered this morning, if this is the calm before the storm, or if we are still in for some real trouble. I was watching Fox 35 tv news, and weather, trying to understand and figure out where Dorian is headed, and they said it was skirting the coast, to the North Pole. The North Pole!!! I swear, I am not making that up, that is what their weather person said. Hey, Dorian is headed to the North Pole! Can you believe it? If I had of told someone that, they would think I was totally crazy! I asked my husband, did you hear that, and he said yup, that is what they said….!!! LOL I guess Dorian will get there by next year’s hurricane season, at the rate of speed it is going, ONE MILE PER HOUR.

  3. My heart goes out to the people of the Bahama Islands. That was some awful videos to watch. I wonder how anybody survived! Some of those homes were absolutely beautiful, before the devastation by Dorian. One I viewed had a Spanish style terra cotta tile roof, was painted pale pastel pink on the outside, and had balconies, and a whole wall on one side of French style doors with small glass, facing the ocean front, and beautiful tall swaying palm trees. Somewhere I would have loved to be able to live like that. Now that I see the videos, of that horrid hurricane’s destruction, I change my mind! Just thankful to live where I do, even if it is not that exciting of a location, or house. However, things can change on a dime, when bad weather is involved, no matter where we are.

  4. When this hurricane ordeal is over, and if we don’t have any serious issues of destruction, or of injuries, etc….I am ready to have a Labor Day weekend do-over, how about you all? This was just NO WAY to spend a holiday!


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