Take your kids to the North Orange Library in Apopka this Saturday from 10:30 am – 11:30 am to meet the officers of the Apopka Police Department for cookies and milk and a story. This is a time for children to interact with local police officers in a fun and informative environment. Cookies and Milk McKinley

The North Orange County Branch Library is at 1211 East Semoran Boulevard in Apopka.

The Cookies and Milk with a Cop is an initiative started by Officer Andrew Raphael of the Winter Garden Police Department last year. The goal is to bring kids and Cops together in a fun and non-traditional environment that builds trust and makes friends.

Cookies and Milk with a Cop is a joint venture between the Apopka Police Department, the Apopka Main Street McDonald’s restaurant and the North Orange Branch Library in Apopka.

  • The APD provides a police officer for reading to the children.
  • McDonald’s provides the cookies and milk.
  • The Apopka Library provides a comfortable setting for the event.

The events are held at 10:30 AM on the 3rd Saturday of each month.


  1. It seems that our police department and its resources of officers are being used more and more for kiddy romper room duty. Shouldn’t the babysitting and storybook telling be listed under the duties of maybe the recreation department instead? I would much rather the recreation department employees entertain the kiddies, than the cops, because I would prefer the cops patrolling our neighborhood streets, and looking for criminals! Every time I look at social media, whatever sites, I am seeing more and more of the police officers being child care workers or entertainers. I think it is getting to the point of ridiculous. A little is fine, for children to gain cop’s trust, but it getting beyond ridiculous, too often! Even out on Lakeville Road, “babysitting, and story telling”……keep the story book reading, cookie eating, and milk drinking, just put the cops back where they belong, and on the streets, and let someone else in the recreation do the child entertaining!

  2. It is not just the police department either, that is being sidetracked off to other unintended activities, because the city is apparently trying to turn our fire department employees into Ninja Warrior competitors, like on the tv show, who spend time jumping through hoops, climbing towers, and dragging dummies, and such as that, competing with other fire departments in physical agility tests, which is fine, if it is nearby, but the city foots the costs and big expenses, to send them way off to other far- away states with hotel, airfare, and the whole nine yards….way too often! I believe the city is the one who is paying for all of this, and it is not necessary. We do have a training facility of our own here in Apopka they can practice all they want. Also our own city council, and their own needless traveling expenses going to off to seminars and national conferences, to San Francisco, Nashville, Washington DC, and that is just the places I know of. That is not helping our city one bit, it is just glorified vacations for the mayor and the city commissioners. The one city commissioner who discussed cutting back on of some of the travel and trips was Commissioner Doug Bankson. I commend Commissioner Bankson for that, and for trying to save the city money, and for trying to look out for emergencies and state mandates by setting aside a bigger percent of money for our general fund. Did anyone of the other council members back Commissioner Bankson?…..either on his suggestion to cut back on the travel trips the council takes, or to set up a bigger percentage as a goal to achieve, for the general fund????????? No, not anyone on the commission, except Commissioner Dean, who I greatly commend for wanting to set up the bigger percentage goal of the general revenue fund, but he knows he is retiring and the two did not have enough backing from the others. The others did not back that on the travel being cut back, at a past meeting, nor the goal for a bigger percentage amount of money to be put back in the general fund, at this latest city council meeting. I mean, the rest of them, did not even want to have a discussion at a possible workshop about it, to consider it!

  3. We left out awhile ago from home, and I see that Martin Street has been resurfaced, and is nice and smooth now, from Central to Maine St. It is nice, it really is. If you have a new car, you may want to stay off of it a day or so, to give the asphalt more time to cure, where you will not possibly have fresh tar slinging up onto your undercarriage. We got a little bit on ours, but we are not worried about it. No biggie. The road previously was really holey. Now I will know if a sinkhole or a depression starts opening up, as opposed to the regular holes that were there. LOL

  4. I saw the cops in an unmarked vehicle pull one of the big black double decker contractor debris trucks over, coming off of Vick and while turning onto Old Dixie Highway heading east. I wonder what they did wrong?

  5. Rick Singh, the Orange Co. property appraiser did a presentation at the Apopka City Council Wednesday night. He had previously been scheduled for a presentation, on one of the previous agendas sheets, and then was not there for some reason unknown to me. One reason I went, was because I wanted to hear what he had to say, and I had some questions I wanted to ask him Wednesday night, at the council meeting, but I noticed that Mayor Kilsheimer asked the city council if they had any questions for Mr. Singh, but I didn’t hear the mayor ask the public if they had any questions for the property appraiser. ????????

  6. Comments heard from Wednesday night’s council meeting that were head scratchers: “Like drinking water from a fire hose” and “Camels peeking under tents”….??????? What in the world? Say what?????? LOL

  7. Maybe what the unmarked cop stopped the big double decker debris truck for was that they passed the cop’s house up, on picking up his own debris, and maybe he chased them down, and turned the light on, and stopped them before they could get away…..LOL


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