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For some of us, putting on hard pants (or, let’s face it, any pants) to go to work feels like a throwback to the Olden Times of… last month. But someday, we will have to go back to the office.

It’s probably going to look a LOT different when we do.

Welcome to the socially distant workplace

Governments around the world are flirting with the idea of reopening their economies, and businesses are getting ready for when the day comes.

Widespread testing will be the key to safe reopenings. Protocol projected that employer-sponsored testing and tracing programs could become the norm in Silicon Valley.

The real-estate giants Cushman & Wakefield developed a concept for a 6 Feet Office at their Amsterdam HQ. The company has all sorts of ideas for encouraging you to keep your distance and keep things clean.

  • Think arrows on the floor that direct people to walk clockwise — and only clockwise — in one-way lanes.
  • Or paper desk placemats that you throw away when the day is done.
  • Or even plexiglass shields between desks that face each other.

At least in the short term, the days of cramming workers next to each other in rows of computer workstations are probably over.

It’s about more than just office feng shui

Your commute could look a lot different, and so could your interactions with your coworkers:

  • Bloomberg reported that employees who ride a shuttle to Unilever’s Shanghai offices must wear a mask and sit far apart.
  • Factory workers at Ford are testing out wristbands that buzz when people come within 6 feet of each other.
  • Mark Zuckerberg said last week that Facebook is canceling all in-person events with 50 or more people through June of next year (2021).

The biggest changes could involve things you can’t see

Amol Sarva, CEO of Knotel, a flexible office space company, told Bloomberg that America’s workplaces will be made “antiviral” — through things like stricter cleaning protocols and better ventilation.


  1. I remember back in the 70s when I was working at a plant nursery, actually it was 1976 or 1977, to be more exact, and the swine flu was going around badly, and our boss, the nursery owner’s wife, told us that if we were to keep our jobs, that we were going to have to get the vaccine for the swine flu, and that they, would pay for it, at their costs, to ensure everyone’s safety. We just listened, and then when we got together out of sight of the owner’s wife, we all said no way were we getting it, or were we going to be forced to get vaccinated. At that time, there were various reports coming out, that people were dying not only from the swine flu, but from the vaccine too. The owners changed their minds, and the subject was dropped, and that was the end of the story.

  2. I understand that they want restaurants to have disposable menus, or menus up on boards, but no menus passed around like what is normally used.

  3. I have two dogs, but my one dog that is a social butterfly, and who is so needy for attention, and craves being talked to, with baby talk, and hand shakes, and interaction from total strangers, is really taking this social distancing so hard, and he is really depressed. I see a big difference in him, when people want to come and talk to him, and pet him, but refrain from it, because of social distancing. He is used to be the center of attention and he calls them out by whining, wagging his rump because he doesn’t have much of a tail, and extending his paws out to “call them”……..he is truly depressed, and that is so sad. My other dog, is not that socially inclined. I understand that in the zoos that are shut down, the same thing is happening with the animals, because they miss the peoples’ attention and interaction with them causing them depression.

  4. I changed my mind and made some homemade hand santitizer today in my bullet blender. I used rubbing alcohol, some of my own aloe plant, and the scented oil I already had on hand, named Good Luck, figuring I could use some of that….then I strained it, and bottled it. It smells good, and has that aloe oozey feel to it, but it looked more like a juice smoothy, as it was green, but rubbed into your hands, it is clear. I don’t plan on getting into the business anyway, you know….lol

  5. I went into the Apopka Post Office inside today and it looks like the clerks behind the counters were getting ready to take a shower together, ha ha. Installed was a long overhead shower rod and a clear plastic shower curtain all the way across complete with the clear shower rings, and I am thinking..seriously??? I say, go for it, and turn on the shower faucet, I want to see this! LOL


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