Apopka Police Department Burglary Report: Week Ending December 14th

The Apopka Burglary Report for the week ending December 14th shows three burglaries reported in Apopka.

Chief Michael McKinley of the Apopka Police Department tells us that many vehicle burglaries could have been prevented if everyone remembers to do just two things:

  1. Remove all valuables from your vehicle
  2. Lock your car doors

The breakdown of the burglaries reported to the Apopka Police Department last week:

  • 0 – Business
  • 3 – Residential
  • 0 – Vehicle

Here is a list of the burglaries, along with their date, time, type, and location:

12/12/2019 4:07 pm RESIDENCE  1100 BLOCK TIMBERLINE RD 
12/12/2019 4:10 pm RESIDENCE  400 BLOCK LAKE BRIDGE LN 
12/13/2019 1:00 pm RESIDENCE  1600 BLOCK CHATHAM CIR 



  1. My husband and I dropped by Tractor Supply to buy a bag of cat food, and that is when I saw the glass front doors in front of the building, had been shot multiple times! The glass must have been some type of special glass because it wasn’t broken, and had not fallen out, but it was cracked all over within all on the two center doors really bad, and you could count the bullet hole imprints that were not all the way through. I understand that the culprits couldn’t get in, as planned, and then they entered the fenced in area to the side, where all types of outdoor supplies are kept, then they shot up the back side glass doors in an attempt to get in. I suppose they were after the expensive riding lawn mowers, various tools, and generators…my guess. What the heck is happening to our town??? It is disgusting, that this is happening to our businesses, and thefts of our residents’ homes! I just saw this today, but learned this happened sometime around Thanksgiving. What a shame!


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