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We know you like shopping at Costco. And while it can be a great way to get items you use a lot of in bulk and at a great price, there are some shopping hacks that you should know when shopping at Costco.

1.What does it mean when you see an item with a price ending in .00 or .88?

Purchase it now is what it means.  Items ending in .00 or .88 is a manager’s special meaning there’s a limited supply.

2.Should you buy the Kirkland’s brand?

Kirkland’s is the Costco house brand items which are very similar, if not the same item, as a recognized brand but just with a different label.

3.Did you know about the 30-day price guarantee?

If the price changes on an item you purchase in 30 days, you can bring in your receipt for a price adjustment.

4.Did you know you can give Costco Cash to a non-Costco member?

The cash cards can be loaded with amounts ranging from $25-$1,000. The recipient of the card can shop online or in the store with the card and even use the cash towards a membership.

5.Have you heard the term “Action Alley”?

As you enter the store, the middle section is called “Action Alley” where retailers will pay Costco to sell their items in the store. You can find great deals on featured items.

6.”Fill it Up” always leaves more cash in your wallet.

If you are not purchasing your gas at Costco, you should be. Often gas is at least ten cents per gallon cheaper.

7.Where can you buy lunch for $2?

Bring the kids for an inexpensive lunch where you can score a slice of pizza for $1.99 or get the hot dog and drink combo for $1.50. If you are in a bind for dinner, the rotisserie chicken is just $4.99, not bad for a main course family meal.

The nearest Costco to Apopka is at 741 Orange Avenue in Altamonte Springs.



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