Every business wants to increase its sales year on year, but sadly not every business achieves this. 

Why do some succeed whilst others fail? 

Sometimes it is the fault of the sales team. Maybe they are not motivated enough, or perhaps they simply do not know enough about the product to sell it effectively. Other times, it is the fault of the management. They have not invested enough time and money into recruiting and training a high performing sales team, and therefore, their sales flounder. 

However, if you have a good and passionate sales team who are knowledgeable about your business, then the fault could lie with your chosen, or lack of, smart tools. 

So, let’s check out what sales tools you should be using in order to maximize your sales processes in 2020. 

Artificial intelligence sales assistants 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and for the uninitiated, it’s not going away anytime soon, so you need to get ready to embrace this highly effective technology, or risk being left behind in your specific industry. 

How can AI technology help your sales team? 

The question should be how can it not? AI has the ability to analyze customer data and provide you with invaluable insights into your existing and potential customers. 

Furthermore, it can:

  • Close deals 
  • Generate new leads
  • Drive higher conversions 
  • Improve customer engagement 
  • Increase customer trust 
  • Predict future sales
  • Identify future customers 
  • Optimize pricing 

Plus, if you invest in this sales tool, your actual sales team will no longer have to spend hours cold calling, filling out long contact forms or scouring the media for new leads. Instead, they will be able to utilize their time more creatively and innovatively; designing new products or looking into emerging markets. 

Catering to the tech-savvy Gen Z

If you are not already aware of the buying power of Generation Z, or Gen Z, then you soon will be. This generation is even more tech-savvy than Millennials and their needs and demands are even greater. Couple that with the fact that by 2020, they are expected to form 40% of all customers worldwide, and you would be mad not to sit up and take notice of these influential shoppers. 

Typical traits of a Gen Z shopper include: 

  • Higher expectations 
  • Less patience 
  • Less price-conscious 
  • Easily distracted 

How can you ensure you are able to engage with Gen Z?

  • You need to not only embrace but utilize effectively, all new technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence. 
  • You need to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd and appeals to this specific generation; by updating the design of your website and looking into the best favicon generators to ensure that these buyers can locate your icon on their mobiles; their preferred device for making purchases by far! 
  • You need to communicate with them on issues that are relevant and important to them such as online security and substantiality. 

CRM solutions are essential 

However small your business, you should be using a CRM system to help streamline and organize your sales processes. Even if you are a start-up business, you should not be relying on spreadsheets for your sales team to track potential leads as this can be time-consuming, plus, there is more room for error. 

A CRM system can help your salespeople:

  • Optimize their schedule 
  • Prioritize tasks 
  • Keep track of leads
  • Keep informed about your customers
  • Automate everyday tasks
  • Improve data analysis

What does all this mean for your sales team? 

Basically, they have a lot more time to spend actually engaging, interacting and of course, selling to existing and potential customers – which is their job after all. You don’t even have to spend any money as there are several free, high-quality CRM systems that can do the job perfectly well; for example, HubSpot and FreshSales. Although, in 2020 many businesses will be choosing to customize their CRM systems as much as possible in order to maximize their effectiveness. 


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