By Charles Towne

It seems to me that some folks don’t have the good sense the Good Lord gave a goofy gopher and all they want to do is talk about the ugly stuff that might be happening in the world.  Me, I don’t like bad news, never did and never will.  Bad news is really disgusting to my way of thinking and it stinks like grandpa’s stinky socks. I don’t find it the least bit pleasing to learn that some idiot celebrity is shacking up with some bimbo somewhere or to hear that some fat, little minded, baby faced dictator is threatening to blow up the world as we know it.

Enough already!

Let’s hear some good news!  Of course, if they start feeding folks the good stuff then the ratings will probably go down.  Who can figure!  I can tell you of certainty some of the things that are going to happen tomorrow just as sure as the good Lord made puppies an’ little green apples, and I ain’t no prophet.

First off, and you can bet your aunt Ada’s glass eye on it, nobody by the name of Osama or Adolph will ever be nominated for president.   And early tomorrow morning about dawn, just as the sun is starting to smile on the land if you listen real careful like you will hear the birds start to sing real pretty.

Then, about suppertime the sun is going to start to go down, and someplace it’s going to rain, and someplace it’s not, and all around us folks are going to live good lives in spite of hardship and downright rotten luck.  They are going to find joy, peace, love, laughter and all the good things in life.

After all, this is America, isn’t it?

This is the land of opportunity, the land of the free and the home o’ the brave, yeah, and mama’s apple pie.  Tonight there are going to be babies borne that aren’t here right now, cute, wrinkled, tiny little skeeters that will give the world hope for tomorrow. Sometimes things get ugly in the world folks, things that we can’t do much of anything about.  But this is America and the good Lord hasn’t forgotten about any of us.  Turn that television off and go for a walk.  Visit your neighbor, carry on a conversation with your wife and give her a great big kiss.  Hug the kids and surprise them with a smile.  Pet your dog or your cat.  This old world hasn’t burned out yet, not by a long shot it hasn’t!  And Papa God is still in charge, and He is just yearning for us to come to Him in prayer.

Who can figure?

Dear Papa God, please help us to appreciate life in all its aspects. Help us to look up and not down. Help us to see the good in life and not the bad.  Help us to forget the ugly, the slights, and the negative.  Praise you for your goodness and your love.  Help us to never attribute the littleness of our own character to you, but to always see you in love.   Help us to never credit you with the evil in our own hearts.  Help us to love all, to never speak ill of anybody, to build up and never tear down.  Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.  This I ask of you because I know you are good,  in Jesus’ most Holy name I ask it, Amen

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Could it possibly be that our purpose for being here is to bring glory to God the Creator and to reveal His magnificent love to the world? Just a thought, A friend

  2. Charlie, I think your name should be addicted to the list of great American humorists. I know your name will be added to the list of great American authors. Thank you for your friendship.

  3. Yes… so eloquently stated, my dear friend!
    The key words are …”in spite of…”, let’s give all those good folks credit when credit is due. They have learned to reframe the negative, see the good in all, and rise above the bad. Not an easy task, however, it gets easier when practiced. Thanks Charles and have a glorious day!

  4. Herbert, I thank you from the depths of my squeaky little heart for the vote of confidence. My gift comes from my dear old mama. She was one of those rare individuals that could see humor in anything, even when those little minded souls with their niggling and spiteful ways were trying to tear her down. Dear Lord, bless mamas everywhere, amen. Chaz

  5. Dear N.H., THANKS OODLES!!! As you are inspired to bring beautiful music from your harp so Papa God wants to bring beauty from each of His children. Bless you dear heart, Chaz

  6. Chuck, there is so much negative about the news today! I’d much rather think about Father God that loves each of us and stands ready to bless us, if we ask. Also, why look at all the bad news, when we can look for all the positive and good things waiting for us? I still like and read the little book you turned me on to, “What you say is what you get!.” This book, by Don Gossett has a way of changing our outlook on life! It is a life changer and I read and reread my copy all the time. Thanks for suggesting the book to me last year!

  7. Boy Don, Aint it the truth! I need to order some more of the books. I have given away about twenty of those that you ordered and everyone has been blessed with them, yes they are life changing. Let us always bring good news and bless others constantly and remember, God has a plan!!! Blessings on you my brother, Chaz

  8. I think the reason I loved my Redwood Chapel so much was that I took me away from all the distractions and the negative. I have found some good nature spots here in Florida but I wish I could import that chapel. Quietness of mind and open communication with God is so needed today.

  9. Dear brother Jorge, I look forward to seeing the redwoods with great anticipation but if we have such as that to see on this earth what wonders must await us in heaven? Wow, what glory awaits the faithful!! He is faithful and just. Praise you O God, praise you in all the earth for we love you. Praise you for you are worthy, Amen! Chaz

  10. Another excellent article to ponder! It is so typical to go down the negative path….just watch the news and you’ll get depressed.
    But the Bible says keep your mind on the Lord and see that every word out of your mouth is acceptable unto Him. That does not mean to stick our heads in the sand and be oblivious to what’s going on around us. But, we need to keep it all in perspective…GOD is in charge and He’s all about positive. No matter what is going on in the world, the birds are going to sing each morning. The sun is going to come up and another day is upon us. Let’s spend it with a positive attitude and outlook and have a grateful heart.
    Thank’s Chuck! God bless you!

  11. Dear CSG,, let it be said of us that we are always positive and the news we bring is the good type. Again Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my mind be acceptable to you. Help us to think constructively, let us be bearers of good tidings and leave the negative behind us. Thanks so very much for the positive feedback my good friend, Chaz

  12. The story is told of some people going through a beautiful garden on a very nice well defined path. The flowers and trees and bushes were exquisite and they were allowed to pick a nice bouquet of flowers. There were roses, lilacs, carnations, tulips and lily of the valley, etc. And there was one woman who had wandered off the path and was complaining of the thorns and thistles. She was instructed to get back on the path because the thorns and thistles would only hurt and bruise her. As unka Chuck and many others that posted on this article have thankfully brought out there are so many beautiful and humorous things in this world that we have plenty to keep us positive! Thanks, unka Chuck! Excellent article to keep things in perspective!

  13. Dear Linda, What you say is so true! There are so many beautiful flowers in Papa God’s garden and you are one of them. Bless you dear one, Unka Chuck

  14. My Dear Friend, Again the nail is hit! As I read I thought myself that in my studies of other languages, it is necessary to also study other cultures, and I have found that people all over the world are more alike than different no matter the language! It seems to me that the ones who govern all fall victim to self -interest shortly after tasting a bit of power or authority over others but the general people all have much the same desires the world over! We can all rejoice in all the good and wonderful things Papa God has provided with all our brothers and sisters from everywhere!

  15. Richard, your point is well taken. It has been my life observation that no matter how different people are the same. Color matters not a whit, we all love and struggle the same. We have the same fears, and we all laugh the same, and the remarkable thing is that Papa God loves all equally. Thanks so much and bless you. Chaz


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