At Wednesday’s City Council meeting Ray Shackelford presented information that the Winter Garden Splash Pad cost only $350,000, not $750,000 as was quoted at the previous City Council meeting.  Commissioner Billie Dean then renewed his ongoing request that the Splash Pad project begin immediately.

Mayor Kilsheimer’s response was to direct the City staff to get proposals for a new Splash Pad.

There were several suggestions from the Council as to the best place to build the Splash Pad.  Billie Dean insisted it should be built where the people want it.

This leads us to our Poll Question:  Where should the Apopka Splash Pad be built?  Let your Voice be heard!

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  1. Here is another idea that I had submitted for all the playgrounds at the parks, while I was on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. I said since splash pads are expensive that maybe we could add these fun misters at all of the areas that the splash pad doesn’t end up at. I first saw these misters on plans for the New Smyrna Beach Riverside Park’s All Children Playground that was recently bulldozed and built all new. My husband and I happened to be there on the day they leveled the old wooden fort playground. Their plans included several of the misters in animals of marine life. Go to Lion King Playground Misters video, and also an non-animal type, by looking at Playground Misters in Houston, Texas video. Check it out. The young’uns would love those! An Apopka version of those plus a splash pad! Maybe the council could cool off in them too!

  2. The Residents of Rock Springs Ridge have been looking to repurpose the Golf Course. I think this would be a great location. Especially with Taverna Restaurant being right there!

    • We haven’t been looking for a repurpose for the golf course. It is a privately owned business, not owned by the RSR residents. It would not be a great place for a splash pad.

  3. The splash park should be in a central area so all residents can enjoy it. Kit Land is the best place for it! With that being said, the city needs to do something about the run-down eyesore of a park that’s on Lake Ave. between Summit and Myrtle St. If the city would invest even $10,000 into that park, they could make it great! That area of Apopka needs its own little neighborhood playground for kids (toddler up to 12 years or so). PLEASE do something with that little park, City of Apopka!!!!

  4. It’s meant for the entire community of Apopka pt just for rock springs residents and if it were built here we would have an influx of traffic for people coming here for the splash pad. I think the better option is north west rec because it’s so close anyways and open to the public.

  5. What about the area where the Little League was in past years…..on the NW corner of Martin and Park Avenue? At one time that was considered for a small City park, but no plans developed. Just a thought…..

  6. Christin, I am reading your comment up above and you have a good idea for sure, but there is one problem with what you suggested, and that is that the golf course out there at RSR is not publicly owned by the city, as far as I know, unless somehow things changed, that I don’t know about. I am certain the city would not put a splash pad on privately owned property, in a privately owned subdivision.

  7. At one time there was talk I heard of maybe more than one splash pad, such as two smaller ones, instead of one gigantic one, at two different locations. Sanford has a big one, Winter Garden’s is big too, Casselberry has a tiny one, and it is right there on 17-92 at the park, near city hall and the police station, the lake, and the boardwalk around the lake under the oak trees. They have tables, umbrellas, chairs, benches, etc. there. If you are ever over in Casselberry, stop and look at it. You will see the boardwalk and lake from the highway. It is very tiny! Doesn’t impress, but they do have one. It doesn’t compare at all, to Sanford or Winter Garden. It is all in what is wanted by the council, however. That is the bottom line. Go big, go small, or whatever, the council is the decision maker, no matter who suggests what!

  8. Now if you want to see a splash pad that really is impressive, you can type in on the google search bar, Sanford Florida Splash Pad, and click on that, and then go to the top and click on to images, and it will bring up the pictures of Sanford’s Splash Pad and the park there. Wow! I would hate to hear the costs for that! But it is beautiful and huge!!! It is sort of a circle design, and has color swirls of green, cream, and what looks like burgundy colors. The kid’s playground is next to it. Casselberry’s splash pad is probably about the same size as my living room, and is round in shape, and I have a small home!! So that puts the size of the two very different splash pads in perspective. A world of difference in costs too! Now Winter Garden, is a nice size too, but I don’t think it is no where, near the size of Sanford’s splash pad. The council has some decisions to make!

  9. Also, as I posted on another site here on the Apopka Voice, keep in mind that the location for a splash pad water park, must be close enough to an existing lightening alarm system (THOR) such as at the ball fields, or it will be necessary to add an lightening alarm, if there is not one at the final location selected. We are in the lightening capital of the world in Central Florida, and kids are supposed to be ordered out of the splash pad, upon first detection of thunder or lightening. We do not want fatalities from lightening!

  10. Hey Mary Alice! How have you been? Great I hope! The splash pad is still up in the air, as to the location. Where you are talking about at Martin and Park, they have said it is going to be a skate park, and maybe soccer or small ball field. That is if they don’t change their minds again. Tell your sister I said hello, and Earl too.

  11. This is to JGP, the park that you are referring to, the Lake Avenue Park, is hopefully going to get some fresh renovations. The city’s grant writer has applied for a grant called Kaboom. I know that sounds like a strange name, but it is in the works already, and hopefully the funds will be awarded, and the crews will arrive to start to work. There will not be a splash pad, or anything major, but improvements none the less.

  12. To JGP again, here is some info from the parks and rec recommendations for the Lake Avenue Park you mentioned above:
    1. improved signage
    2. improved landscaping
    3. new playground
    4. new tables and benches
    5 grills (2)
    6. a possible pavilion 20×40
    These recommendations are subject to cost analysis, grant approval, and council approval, and are subject to changes for whatever reason. Hope that helps.

  13. Everyone has some ideas as to where the splash pad should be, but there were renderings or drawn up pictures of what the vision group had come up with. They were shown, I can’t remember where, maybe it was at the council, as I have seen so many renderings, but this one showed a farmer’s market uptown, in the older part of town, near the station street area, and the splash pad was right nearby, and also I believe a hydroponic greenhouse, too. So I think that is where they want it, to try to have a hub there, and then Sixth Street will be narrowed for sidewalks and bike paths, decorative street signs, benches, 8 seat carts running back and forth carrying people from the Station Street area, to the area that is going to be developed by Taurus Southern Co. at Martin’s Pond, the new downtown center.

  14. You can make your own do-it-yourself splash pad! All you need is some one inch pvc pipes or so, some hardware so you can screw the hose to it, some pvc glue, and pvc corner pieces, some heads for the side pvc columns, and some pool noodles to place on top of the side columns and some clamps to tighten down the noodles. Make it about the size of a small room square, and a drill some holes around in the pvc. You can do it. Who needs to the city for that? Or just hang a sprinkler and hose from a tree and place a small tarp down. Oh, and NO re-use water!


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