By Allen Brown

People can become injured for a number of reasons. It could be anything from a slip and fall incident to a vehicle collision. Someone may become hurt at work or suffer at the hands of a medical practitioner. People get injured doing sports or come to harm through defective products. Added to that are dog bites and wrongful deaths, to name a few. 

Sometimes people are responsible for their own injuries. They may have been a drunk driver or refused to wear a safety harness for a risky activity. A person may have continued to use a faulty electrical appliance or a wobbly ladder. In some cases, however, another party may well be at fault. It may be that the other person denies responsibility for their malpractice or negligence. If a request for financial compensation is made, they may challenge the amount requested. It is at times like these that people are advised to employ the services of a personal injury lawyer. 

Let’s learn a little more about who they are and why a person may need one. 

Personal Injury Lawyers

These professionals are qualified attorneys. They submit legal claims for compensation on behalf of their clients and act as their advocate. According to the lawyers at, such professionals are trained to battle against insurance companies and negligent corporations. Some attorneys receive formal accreditation such as Top Attorneys, Super Lawyers, or BBB Rating A+.

They Provide Legal Advice

This usually begins with a free consultation. If chosen, they will guide their client all the way through the legal process. Cases involving truck accidents can often be more complex than those for cars. Some legislation varies between different U.S. states. Employment law can be complicated when it relates to accidents at work. These are just a few of the areas where professional advice can prove indispensable. 

They Create Your Case For Compensation

Attorneys understand the Statute of Limitations, which provides a time window for injured parties to submit their legal claims. Lawyers collate the medical reports from both doctors and specialists and all the bills for diagnosis and treatment. Lawyers obtain witness statements and formal reports from professionals where necessary. They also request documentation showing the loss of earnings experienced by their client since the injury was sustained. If it was a vehicle incident, Police crash reports may be obtained, and an investigation is made into the existence of any relevant video footage.  

Lawyers consider the future when they calculate compensation requests. It may be that the injured person will have an impaired ability to earn money in the future. They may also require medical treatment, prescriptions, or medical equipment for the rest of their lives. If necessary, an attorney will liaise with an actuary to get these calculations.

They Deal With The Insurance Companies 

Insurance companies often make much of their money by minimizing their payouts. As a result, they employ attorneys of their own. On their websites, many personal injury lawyers talk about aggressively making their claims and resisting the tactics of reluctant insurance companies. If a member of the public has no legal representative, they may be vulnerable to losing out on their claim. 

They Negotiate A Settlement Figure

Lawyers are more likely to know what is a fair payout. Both the injured person and the third party may be in a hurry to resolve things quickly. If an early settlement is offered, a lawyer will be able to advise their client whether or not the sum is too small to accept. Attorneys also assist their clients in receiving Interim Settlements should the other party accept liability from day one. Part 36 Offers can be a minefield for a layman, and once again, lawyers will be best placed to advise. 

They Represent You To The End

By acting on a person’s behalf, a lawyer will protect their client from some of the stress that occurs during the legal process. The accident victim can then focus on their medical recovery or work. Most legal cases of this nature are settled before lawsuits are filed. In some instances, however, civil court proceedings are initiated. It can be comforting to know that if things do end up in court, the attorney will be the person attending. They will speak on their client’s behalf as their legal advocate. 

As you can see, personal injury lawyers can be a vital link in the chain between being injured and claiming a fair financial payment. They exist to ensure that justice is served, so their client can move on with their life. In that sense, they are truly worth the investment.


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