Kindness Warning!

Fake Dictionary, definition of the word Kindness.

Inspiration By Chuck Towne

Kindness has no calories.
Kindness has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
Kindness can be served hot or cold.
Kindness is addictive.
Kindness is good for nursing mothers.
Kindness cab be taken with or without food.
Kindness can and should be used at any age.
When used indiscriminately happiness has been known to stimulate the happiness gland and to be spread to others, therefore it should be considered contagious.


Kindness can be used while driving, or operating dangerous machinery, or power equipment. Kindness can be used while playing with your children, visiting with friends, and when used in any size dosage will lead to excessive peace and contentment. Kindness is the only healing agent that can be used in any and all circumstances, and it has been known to prolong life. Use it liberally, it is free.

Live fully,
Love openly,
And make a difference, today

Charles Towne is a published author, Apopka resident and a member of Inspire Church.


  1. Linda, thank you so very much.. Yes, you are right, the world would be such a wonderful place if an epidemic of kindness struck all of mankind. I think that is what Papa God intended when He sent Jesus to live with us. Charles


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