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  Apopka is so excited to bring the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall to Kit Land Nelson Park on Park Avenue this Wednesday.  Below you will find more details about the route and the ceremony:

Timeline for Procession:

At 10:00 a.m., the procession for the wall will start at the Orlando North Airport on 441 in Zellwood and head south on 441 turning onto Vick Rd where Apopka Elementary kids will be waving American flags as the wall passes by. It will continue to Martin Street and turn right going past Apopka High School where the high school students will do the same. It will continue east on Martin to Park Ave and turn right going by both Dream Lake Elementary and Apopka Middle where the kids will also be waving American flags. It will continue down Park Ave to Oak Street (a half a mile away) where a fire truck with a huge American flag will be positioned. As the procession makes the turn onto Oak, the water cannons from firetrucks will be shooting water into the air. It will continue down Oak and take a right into the Park to set up the wall at Kit Land Nelson Park.  

Afternoon events:

There will be a Navy helicopter flyover at 5:00 p.m. at Kit Land Nelson Park.  At 5:30 p.m., the Apopka High School band will be playing patriotic songs leading up to the evening ceremony. 

Opening Ceremony:

At 6:00 p.m. in Kit Land Nelson Park there be a ceremony to honor our veterans including our Vietnam veterans near the Gazebo in the center of the park.  Participants can view the wall as well as the American Flag Honor Walk, which has 125 flags lining the path leading to the wall.

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall is 3/5ththe scale of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.  It stands six feet tall at the center and covers almost 300 feet from end to end.  This traveling memorial stands as a reminder of the great sacrifices made during the Vietnam War and allows people the opportunity to visit loved ones in their hometown who otherwise may not be able to make the trip to Washington. We would like to thank the Apopka Rotary for making this event possible.


  1. I have seen this wall before, back when my mother was still living, and we drove to see it. I can’t remember exactly what year it was, but it was a long long time ago, maybe even 25 years ago, possibly, not sure. We drove out to the area near the Orlando Fashion Square Mall back behind there, where it used to be a Navy base, I believe. This is where the wall was set up, and we walked all along back and forth, and I remember how upsetting it was to me, to see the visual images of all the young military member’s names that were killed, and the toll that war takes, and the families left behind forever here on earth. I knew only one boy that was killed in Vietnam, personally. I should say, man, not boy, as he was a man, and a very honorable one. He rode our school bus, as he was a senior kid, and I was much younger than he was. I have written about the mean kids that rode our school bus, but he was not one of them. No, he was mild natured, smiled a lot, and easy going. He had beautiful olive colored naturally tan colored skin, beautiful shiny black hair, and was somewhat chunky, weight-wise. My description is, think Elvis….if I am not getting him mixed up with his brother. It has been a long time ago. He was the nicest guy ever. He got off the bus with his siblings about a mile from my bus stop. I didn’t really know what happened to him until years later, and I found out he went off to war, after high school graduation, and drove over a land mine, after only being there in Vietnam for 13 days. He has a daughter that he never got to see, I have learned from reading on the internet about him. I don’t know how I will react, if I go view the wall, and see his name there on the wall, because I remember him from our school bus route, as a much older student than myself. I am certain I will be upset, as that is the way I am.

  2. I am so much looking forward to seeing the wall for the first time. Not sure what my reaction or emotions will be seeing the names of those 58,000 plus names that went over there, but weren’t able to come home with the rest of us that walked that soil, waded those rice paddies, flew those skies, and navigated those waterways protecting the freedom that we all appreciate today! Those soldiers and their families gave it all, for all of us!!

    • Michael, First, let me say to you, thank you for your service to our country. I am so thankful, and thankful that you will get to see this traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. I am certain you will be emotionally moved. I know I was emotionally moved, when I saw the wall, years ago, when I was much younger. Also, I want to thank ALL our veterans for their service to our country. I am so excited about this memorial wall coming to our own city. My husband and I are planning on sitting on the sidewalk, right here on Martin Street, right by our house, in our folding chairs, and watching and welcoming the wall’s arrival and procession tomorrow morning after it leaves the airport on 441. History being made here in Apopka! And also, thank you Apopka Voice, as I didn’t know the wall’s processional was coming right here by our home! I want to thank the Apopka Rotary Club for making this event happen. Being a baby boomer myself, the Vietnam War was my generation’s war. I still hold out hope, that one day, Apopka will create a Veteran’s Park. Our veterans deserve the honor. Michael, if you are ever up around Leesburg, just find Leesburg City Hall building, and look north, about one block, at the park around the lake, and there is a really nice veteran’s park there that you should see, if you haven’t seen it already. The Veteran’s Memorial Park at Fountain Lake. They have multiple memorials to the various wars, and their own engraved wall with veteran’s names, plus bricks engraved in honor of all veterans, both living and deceased, and other engraved bricks to honor anyone that you want to honor. I purchased several engraved bricks there years ago. Check it out, if you are there, in that area. They are adding to the various war memorials all the time, even though some local critics thought that they were going over-board with too many war displays in the park…..the veterans won that battle over the local critics, is my understanding of the issue….lol

  3. Thank you Mama, and I will have to check out that display in Leesburg. I have been near that lake, but only driving past it. Thank you. I am fortunate to be able to be in the procession tomorrow as part of the Honor Guard to bring the wall into Apopka. And a big thanks to the Apopka Rotary Club and all the efforts they have done for 2 years to make this event happen!!


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