The gaming venues of Nevada continue to be hugely popular amongst the gamblers everywhere, and are smashing record revenues, whether in terms of casino operations or sports bets, year after year. Punters continue to wager big sums on major championship events at the land-based bookmakers operating on the Vegas strip.

Regardless of whether it’s Bellagio’s plush and dark setting or Cosmopolitan sportsbook’s open concept, punters indulge in all types of betting options on the strip, including over/under totals, point spreads and money line bets. However, lately many of these Las Vegas bookmakers are also making their presence felt in the online bookmaking world. Today you can avail the best online Vegas odds offered by the best of Las Vegas sportsbooks, with the tap of a finger on your mobile phone!

Why pick these Vegas betting websites?

When talking about Vegas betting websites, we’re referring to top-ranked portals such as BetOnline, Bovada, Betnow, Mybookie etc. which are all worth exploring.

These online Vegas betting sites save you the trouble of standing in queues and waiting for your bet slips. As majority of these Vegas sports books provide their own downloadable applications, or mobile-friendly betting sites, the interested punters can easily place their wagers from wherever they like, at any time of day/night. However, please note, you should be visiting Las Vegas, and be present in the state of Nevada to be able to place these wagers.

Handsome bonuses are another reason why you should place your wagers with these betting sites. Each one of them offer some kind of bonus to all new signups. Not just that, regular customers are also offered attractive bonuses from time to time. While some hand out straight cash back to the new players, others match their initial deposits with a certain percentage. For instance, MyBookie matches the initial deposit of every new signup by up to $ 1000! Bookmaker and SportBet on the other hand offer 50% signup bonus to new customers, handing instant cash up to $ 1000.

In fact if you do some research, all the major casino resorts on the Las Vegas strip have their own sports betting app.

There’s a learning curve though

Although it’s fairly easy to learn how to place wagers on these Las Vegas gambling portals, there is a slight learning curve for new punters. The best way to start is by opting for easier bet types such as point spreads or money line bets, before graduating onto teasers are parlays.

Another great suggestion is to comprehensively study the platform and acquaint oneself with all the features before placing any bets. All you need to do is simply log into your newly created account and explore the various options and tabs you see in front of you.

Furthermore, you can also go through the detailed customer reviews available for these websites on the Internet, especially the online bookmaking services that have been operational for many years, such as Bovada and others.


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