Sleepover, pajama party, or a slumber party, you may call it in many ways, but it is to sleep and party at a friend’s house. Many of us already experience a slumber party once or twice in our life. Though some are disastrous, it’s still a very great way of relaxing once in a while. Also, it’s important to enjoy that night with your friends and create new memories. Either by munching food or watching your favorite movie, there’s a lot of this you can do through the night.

What To Remember For A Sleepover?

You also need to remember the things you need if you’re hosting or if invited to a slumber party. Here are some reminders.

  • Bring your bathroom necessities when you go to someone else house. Don’t pack too much, just the essential things, especially before and after the sleepover. That includes a towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant facial cleanser, hair bands and clips, Hairbrush, and other personal stuff you will need.
  • Pack the clothes that you need. Make sure to bring the clothes that you’re going to wear that night and the next day. 
  • Don’t forget your undergarments (remember to bring an extra pair), pajamas, socks, clothes for the next day, swimsuit (if necessary).
  •  Also, don’t forget to add some money in your bag just in case of an emergency.
  • Bring your phone and charger. Make sure it’s charged so you can contact your parents or other people. 

If you’re all set for a sleepover, You may also search for movies that you and your friend may enjoy. There are tons of films that you can choose from, especially if you’re fond of superhero movies. The article will give you a list of all-time favorite superhero movies that you should check out. Read on.


  • Superman


The all-time favorite character of many people who loves superheroes. The all-time favorite merch of all as well for example as a bobblehead. The story revolves around the Kal-el, a child that came from the planet Krypton.  He lives his dual life as Clark Kent, a reporter from Daily Planet in the city of Metropolis. He does his day job as a reporter while he saves everyone in danger as superman, All the characters can be seen in the movie from Lois Lane, General Zodd, his father Jor-El and the villain Lex Luthor. Sure enough, this superhero movie will be enjoyed by everyone.


  • Batman


No one can forget the tortured billionaire playboy Bruce Wyne and his alter-ego aliased batman. This guy dedicated himself to eradicate all criminals in Gotham City since the tragic night of his parent’s death. Bruce trained his body and mind to be a self-made hero.

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Sure everyone does,  Batman showed its viewers that they don’t need to be an alien or have an insect bite to be a superhero.


  • The Incredibles


Who doesn’t know the popular Pixar movie “The Incredibles.” It is a heartwarming movie that shows the importance of family. The story shows how the Pratt family struggles to maintain their ordinary lives while hiding their superpowers. They will also fight a relatable enemy who becomes a villain after getting rejected by his favorite hero. 

While taking a break from binge-watching. Here are other things you can do in between or during your movies:

  • To make things much more fun, bring some games and toys like a gaming console, board games, or craft activity.
  • It will also be great to exchange gifts with your friends. If you’re all fans of superhero movies, there are a lot of online shops that offer affordable customized bobbleheads of superheroes.
  • Have a pizza party. Eating is one of the things that must be done in every sleepover. Forget about diet and eat your heart out


  • Spider-Man


Being bitten by a spider, which turned him as a superhero, who else but our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man or  Peter Parker. The nerdy guy who has a crush on the beautiful Mary Jane and also has a best friend turned villain. There are at least six films since 2002 that you can choose from that will fill your craving for spider-man.


  • Sky High


Searching for High School, teenagers, and Superpowers? Then the right choice is Sky High. This film took the usual superhero genre differently. The protagonist is Will Stronghold, who tried to overcome the problem of being the only son of the most popular superheroes but find himself with no power. He will go through HighSchool full of kids with superpowers while hiding this dilemma and fight villains.


  • Iron Man


One of the Marvel movie which started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everything began when Tony Stark, a genius billionaire, playboy philanthropist who got kidnapped and was instructed to create a weapon. Instead of creating a weapon of mass destruction, he created an iron suit that he uses to escape and later use to help people’s lives. 


  • The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight is still one of the best superhero movies of all time. The magnificence of this movie is different from the other Batman movie, especially after the portrayal of the actor Heath Ledger. The actor who gives an excellent play for the nemesis Joker sadly died six months before it was released. 

As a last reminder, don’t forget to ask permission from your parents, guardian, or the owner of the house. You don’t want anyone getting angry at you for bringing things they don’t like in their home. Also, don’t let your parents worry while waiting for you in the middle of the night.



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