By Allen Brown

Summer is just about the right time to get active. This is because of the good weather and the availability of numerous activities to participate in. This is also a great time to socialize and stay healthy. The warm summer months can make a person lazy and staying active is among the ways you can activate yourself and create a routine that helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. While your buddies are at the beaches zenning out, you can take this opportunity to get busy with some summer sports. Having said that, below are four active sports you can learn easily during summer. 

1. Skateboarding

Over the past few years, skateboarding has been associated with rebellious street behaviors. Bones have been broken, joints sprained, and skins bruised. But little is known of the awesome benefits that come with skateboarding. If you take time to train yourself on the basics involved with skateboarding, it will become an awesome sporting activity you’ll not want to let go of. If you are looking for inarguably the best skateboarding tools, then it’s of the utmost importance that your choice of skateboard outshines the rest of them in terms of quality and performance. 

As it turns out, there are countless skateboard options out there but not all will meet your specifications or be ideal with your daily sporting activities. There are various considerations to factor in when it comes to choosing a skateboard and as seen at, you can also have your skateboard styled and customized as per your liking. Among the factors that need to be considered when choosing a skateboard include: 

  • Electronic v/s conventional skateboards – If you have been struggling in choosing the right skateboard, there are options out there that can help make your day. These include both electronic and standard models that are not powered by a motor. Between the two, consider the distance you might want to cover when skateboarding, ease of use, and the difficulties involved in learning the skateboarding ropes. 
  • Length of the board – Longer skateboards are more stable when compared to shorter skateboards. But when it comes to convenience, especially in terms of portability, shorter boards are best at it. 
  • Handling – Some boards are better at handling than others. You’ll find skateboards that are easier to handle when traveling uphill than others. This will be dependent on the board’s weight as well as the features of the board. 

2. Swimming

The hot days of summer can be a challenge to anyone. You’ll need activities that will allow you to stay cool. Swimming is among the sporting activities you can participate in while maintaining your cool. You can choose to go to the beach, your backyard swimming pool, or a paid swimming pool at the nearest recreation center. Another great option comes when remembering that swimming can be competitive and you can always enroll in swimming tournaments within your locality. There can be prizes to be won and if not, you’ll have increased your swimming skills at the end of the day. Among other water sport activities you can participate in include:

  • Kayaking
  • Waterboarding 
  • Bodysurfing
  • Kneeboarding
  • Stand-up paddleboarding

3. Rock Climbing

With the right equipment and a qualified instructor by your side, rock climbing is a great sporting activity to try this summer. It will help to build your resilience, core muscles, and arm strength. You can later move from the in-house rock climbing facilities and explore your potential in natural environments. As hard as it might sound, rock climbing, and with the best training, can be an easy sporting activity you can try for the summer vacation. 

4. Beach Volleyball

Ladies, this one is for you. You have every reason to don yourself with some sexy Hawaiian beach outfit or some bikini. Either way, it will be a great moment to share laughter with other players as you explore your volleyball skills. Men will also not be left out as they can test their limits on a beach tug of war sport. There are so many ways you can have fun at the beach including running on the sandy beaches, competitive fishing, or an eating competition.

The above are great sporting activities you can learn this summer and get to enjoy them either all-year-round depending on the nature of the sport. Summer is a great season to explore your abilities. And what better way than to participate in a sport you are willing to learn?  


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