The Apopka Voice just received its 5,000th “like” on Facebook. Not bad for a publication that did not exist 18 months ago. For those 5,000 followers on Facebook and the 32,000 unique visitors to our news site, we wanted to say thank you and explain why we love serving this community.

Because Apopka is home to some of the finest people in the world.

After years of watching it being portrayed otherwise by Central Florida media outside our community, Dale Fenwick realized someone should give the community a balancing voice when it comes to Apopka news, information and community events, and it should be done in an innovative format. So in December of 2015, Fenwick launched The Apopka Voice, which has become the premier platform for up to the minute news in the Apopka area.

The Apopka Voice is a new approach to collecting news and information, to original reporting, innovative storytelling, provocative commentary, and distribution that embrace the possibilities of technology and expand audiences and deepen relationships with its readers.

Now, 18 months after its beginning,  The Apopka Voice continues on its journey to produce content of the highest quality and relevance to its readers, while maintaining an innovative style that attracts 32,000 unique visitors to the news site each month.

The Apopka Voice covers the news impartially and objectively and treats readers, news sources, advertisers and others fairly and openly. No news is too controversial, but no news is sensationalized.

At a time of skepticism about journalists and media outlets, The Apopka Voice strives to maintain the highest possible standards to ensure that it does nothing that might erode readers’ faith and confidence. It always seeks out sources to verify the facts, and its editorials will always take the extra step of proving its opinion.

The Apopka Voice tells its audience the complete, unvarnished truth as best as it can report and learn it.

Like the name says, The Apopka Voice is here to give the residents of Apopka a voice, and to tell the fascinating story of Apopka and its people every day of the week.

We encourage you to use Facebook to comment on our articles. Facebook comments are so much better than Letters to the Editor. First, they are immediate… no waiting for your letter to be “approved” and published. Second, there is unlimited space. We don’t have to pick the “best” letters to publish or limit the number of words per letter. Third, others can comment on your comments. This helps the whole community have a Voice.

We know that not every article will be of interest to every one of our readers, but if you see an article that is of interest to you it will probably be of interest to one or more of your Facebook Friends. The best way to help them be as informed as you are to share the article using Facebook’s “Share” and “Tag” features to make it visible to your friends.

And yes, we have another reason for asking you to “share” as many of our articles as possible. “Sharing” spreads the word to more people, which leads to more readers, which leads to more visibility for our advertisers, which leads to more advertisers.

And more advertisers allow us to publish even more articles about Apopka.

And that is what we are all about; publishing as many articles as possible so that those who live here know what is happening in Apopka.



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