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Young Kim makes endorsements in Seat#3 and #4 races


Young Kim Young Kim

Young Kim, a challenger for the Seat #4 Apopka City Commission, announced this morning that he is endorsing his opponent Kyle Becker over Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith for Seat #4, and Commissioner Sam Ruth over Doug Bankson for Seat #3.

He posted these comments on his Facebook page:

“From the start of the campaign to March 15th, 2016, I have had the opportunity to get to know all the candidates for both seat 3 and seat 4 city commissioners. And from this experience, I believe that Mr. Sam Ruth most aligns with both my general supporters and ethnic supporters from the Apopka Community. Mr. Sam Ruth is the champion of the people. He is one tough man who will stick up for you when no one else in the room will. Additionally, Mr. Sam Ruth will use his quality control skills in the construction industry to properly plan and zone the future of Apopka. It is my belief that Sam Ruth will provide leadership for all Apopkans even under the pressures of powerful

Sam Ruth Sam Ruth

interest groups. That is why I endorse Mr. Sam Ruth.”

Kyle Becker Kyle Becker

On Kyle Becker he wrote:

“I firmly believe that Kyle Becker is a family man of true integrity and honesty, who can utilize business analyst skills, in improving the future and general welfare of our community. We are in the crossroad of exponential growth in Apopka and we need leadership that reflects the needs of all Apopkans. That is why I endorse Mr. Kyle Becker.”

Kim ran a modest grass roots campaign, but still managed to get 1,475 votes (15%) in the Seat #4 election.


Commissioner Sam Ruth, Kyle Becker, Young Kim


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