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Wine Wednesday: The Many Shades of Rosé Wine


Run for the Rosés

By Lynn Aubrey

Spring is here! In the wine world, spring means new releases of the ever popular shades of rosé wine.

The Rosé craze has been growing over the years and now offers many new multi-global choices. From bone dry to sweet, there is a rosé for everyone.

Rose WineMost Rosé wine is produced from red grape varietals making slight to longer contact of the grape skin with the wine during the process. The longer contact will lead to a darker color. This method is the most common and is known as the maceration method.

The red varietals grapes used in rosé making are usually indigenous to the red wine most produced in that area. For instance Spanish rosé may utilize Tempranillo or garnacha. Ana Oregon rosé may be Pinot Noir based, Argentina roses may use Malbec, Syrah, Italy may be Sangiovese based.

The most popular dry choices come from Provence, France.These southern France beauties offer a wonderful balance of dry, crisp, light pink color, with flavors of strawberry, watermelon, slight rose petals and balanced minerality. These wines can pair well with all kinds of food from light salads to heartier fare.

Other popular Rosés in France such as Tavel, Rhone, Bordeaux, Loire just to name a few.

Choices from Loire from D'Anjou region are slightly sweet and make a great choice for wine drinkers who like sweeter options.

South America offers some wonderful rosé wines. Some are darker pink in color and fuller body wines. Ripe strawberry, raspberry and some slightly off dry.

Spain offers some zesty, fruit forward rosés. By the way, rosé is known as "rosado" in Spain. Spanish rosado is always a great value and very food friendly.

Italian rosés are often called "rosato" and are another great choice with vast array of styles and regions represented. Ripe strawberry, raspberry, jasmine, almonds commonly lead to the profiles of these ever popular rosato offerings.

Don't be afraid to experiment or ask me to make some suggestions!

Lynn Aubrey is the Wine Specialty Buyer at the Whole Foods Market in Altamonte Springs.



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