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How much do you love?


Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!  O what a foretaste, of glory divine.

There are those times when we don’t feel all that good.  You know what I mean? You get worn down to a nubbin... and you are all frazzled... and too pooped to pop. It's probably a result of the virus that has hit so many of us, but I have been so tired, don’t have any energy, and want to sleep all of the time.

They say that babies grow while they're sleeping, but I don’t know of any positive sayings pertaining to “old codgers” sleeping. Oh well. Such is life in the fast lane.                       

Sometimes I don’t really feel like going to the nursing home to see my darling. But, I know she enjoys my visits almost as much as I do, so I go.

Dear God,  O Holy one, I thank you so very much for gifting me with this lady, my Nancy with the smiling face.  You, O Holy One, certainly know how to give good gifts, not as we give, but only as you can give, from your great love and everlasting wisdom. 

The question might well be asked, “Okay Charles, how much do you love Nancy?”  And seeing as you asked, let me tell you of a recent incident that happened about two weeks ago at the nursing home.

Nanny and I had been visiting as we watched one of her favorite shows on the T.V. and I was tired, so I laid down next to her and fell asleep.

When I awoke an hour had passed, so I stood up and prepared to go. But as I did so, I noticed that my shirt sleeve was wet.

Yes, my darling had peed on me.

You folks that have had babies know what I am talking about.  You don’t get angry when an infant pees on you, you might even smile; after all, it is what babies do.

My darling is ill, and I love her.

Thank you for teaching me Lord.  Amen

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