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What Assignments Seem The Most Difficult For Florida Students


By Judy Nelson, a freelance, student writer

You should know that getting into a college in Florida can sometimes be challenging. However, it is not impossible. You must prepare for the process and leave enough time to complete all of your assignments before the deadline. Before that, you should understand which colleges are the hardest to get into, and how you can work your way to getting in. Here is a list of colleges that rank high on Florida colleges list.

  • University of Miami
  • University of Florida
  • Florida State University
  • University of Tampa
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of South Florida in St. Petersburg

So, what do all these colleges have in common? Why are they so hard to get into, and how can you succeed?

The answer is simple: the assignments they require and tasks they are requesting from students.

Getting into a higher-ranking university will require more of your time. You will have to study more and be better prepared when you go to class. Here is a guide on what to expect, how to overcome the fear of getting into higher-ranking colleges, and how to actually get in.

Reasons why university could be hard for you

  • You might consider it boring

For many, doing homework is simply boring, so of course you’re not interested in finishing up your work. However, if you’re not doing your work, you’re not getting into the college of your choice because of your grades (if in high-school). If you’re planning on transferring to another school in Florida (higher up), then you might not have the chance to ace that either. And the reason just might be because you consider your assignments too boring to start or even finish.

Solution: Transform boring into playful. Instead of worrying about your work and giving it too much importance, figure out a game that might work for you. Make sure you’re enjoying what you are doing if you want to finish your assignments and get into the school of your choice. Remember that all successful people make compromises, so this is the compromise that you have to make.

  • Homework gets exhausting

Another thing that could keep you from getting into the college of your choice is finishing homework on time. If you’re not able to finish homework on time, you’re not able to learn enough. If you don’t study hard enough, you won’t have the desired results. Without good results, the outcomes of your work will be insufficient, and you won’t be able to get into a really good college.

Solution: Stop working at home all the time, especially from bed. Change environments and try to stay productive in other locations. Work from home for a bit, then go to your favorite coffee shop to work some more. End your study day at your friends’ house, working a little more. Don’t let homework get to you or stop you from achieving your desired goal of getting into the college of your dreams.

  • The work is too challenging…. or not challenging enough

Believe it or not, if your work is not challenging enough, it will get too challenging. WHAT? You might be thinking. Yet it’s true. If the assignment you’re preparing is not stimulating you enough, it will not only become boring but also harder and harder to accomplish. That’s because your drive to finish it is low, and your engagement rate probably even lower. In this case, a professional writing service makes the perfect place to buy assignment and let others write your essay. Ensuring that your work is demanding is a must. If you cannot solve that problem, and it's not against your school policy, then use student assistance and let others help you out.

Solution: If your tasks are not challenging enough, you can always make them just a tiny bit more challenging. The idea is not to get sick of doing the same thing over and over again. If you want your schoolwork to become a bit more spontaneous, or more relevant, you can always talk to your teacher or professor about it.

  • You’re not interested in the subject

If you’re not interested in the subject at hand, it will be extra hard to motivate yourself and finish your assignment. Unfortunately this means it will also make it difficult to get into your favorite college, a task that will seem close to impossible without completed assignments.

Solution: Find a way to become interested in the subject at hand, even if it doesn’t sound interesting at first. Train your mind to develop sympathy towards any subject, and this will help you succeed in college too. Not every subject is going to be interesting to study, on the surface, but if you approach it with a positive spirit, looking for the good or relevant information to help you get to your dream career, every topic will become at least bearable.

  • You don’t understand WHY

The last reason why assignments can seem hard is that you don’t understand WHY you must finish it. Why do you have to do this at all? How will this help you? How are you going to find the energy to focus on it?

Solution: Focus comes with interest. Again, develop an interest in your assignment, look for the ways it will help you get to where you want to go, and then ace it. Make sure that you’re prepared for what’s about to come. In the end, getting into the university of your choice can be challenging, but with enough focus and understanding, anything can be accomplished.

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