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What a Starbucks Latte Costs in 30 Countries


Despite your best intentions to only drink the local java while on vacation, you know you're going into the first Starbucks you see outside the Eiffel Tower. You may lie to yourself and say it's to use the free Wi-Fi, but really, it's because you're addicted to Starbucks (even if those baristas do spell your name wrong), and it's been two days (!!) since you had a mocha Frappuccino.

But how much is your habit going to cost you in Paris or Milan? To find out how many euros, yen, yuan, and pesos you'll be spending on your daily fix, we literally called locations in 30 different countries around the world and, speaking very slowly, asked how much a grande latte costs.

Use this link to find out What a Starbucks Latte Costs in 30 Countries.



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