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Welcome to Apopka Election Day 2.0


Over 2,400 voted early or absentee. Over 2,400 Apopkans have voted early or absentee in these two runoff elections.

Political Opinion/Analysis

Good morning Apopka. Welcome to Election Day 2.0 - The new and improved version.

Only one polling place. Lots of ballots. No Trump. No Rubio. No Clinton. No Sanders. Only Apopka names you've heard a lot about over the last four months - Arrowsmith, Bankson, Becker, Ruth.

And no runoffs!

The last time around was a chaotic, exciting Election Day that saw 10,000-plus Apopkans vote at 16 precincts throughout the city. Some sites ran out of ballots. The governor was called for an extra hour to make up for the chaos, but to no avail. All four of these candidates went over 3,000 votes on March 15th, which would typically win an Apopka election. But on this day, both Seats #3 and #4 went to no-decision status. Bankson 3,875, Ruth 3,426, Alice Nolan 2,148 for Seat #3. Arrowsmith 4,489, Becker 3,611, Young Kim 1,464 for Seat #4. So despite the chaos and massive turnout, these runoffs were inevitable.

This time around there will be no third candidates. There will be no Presidential Preference distractions. This election will probably look a lot more like the 2014 runoff than the March 15th 2016 version. Expect turnout to be closer to 5,000 than 10,000. But despite the trimmed-down model, this Election Day should be just as exciting as the General Election a month earlier. And it will probably be as close or closer than it was a month ago.

So every vote counts.

It's going to be a beautiful day Apopka. The sun is shining. No significant rain in the forecast. So grab a cup of coffee, maybe some breakfast, then head on over to the VFW and vote if you aren't one of the 2,400 Apopkans who already voted absentee or early.

If you have an unused absentee ballot bring it with you. You must surrendered it to vote.

And stay with The Apopka Voice all day for wall-to-wall coverage of the elections. There will be features of all four candidates, plus on-site updates from the VFW…plus election results as soon as they are known. And sometime after 7pm this evening, we will know who gets to sit in Seats #3 and #4 for the next four years...

Unless there is a recount. Noooo!!!!

Pray there is no recount Apopka! Pray there is no recount Apopka!


Runoff election preview


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