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South Apopka Youth Sports

Wekiva Pop Warner Football and Cheer Association launches early signup campaign this Saturday in South Apopka


The Wekiva Pop Warner Football and Cheer Association is ready to get 2022 started. And on Saturday, they begin with a meet and greet and early registration.

Wekiva Youth Sports is a 501c3 for the Greater South Apopka area that is focused on providing youth league organization as a feeder program to the Wekiva High School sports programs, as well as mentorship.

The season will kick off on August 1st, but practices start during spring break and summer, three days a week at Wheatley Park from 5-7 pm. Games will be on Saturday against teams from across the state.

"After years of coaching, youth football has always been a passion of developing our youth into not only great athletes, but future leaders of their respected community," said Coach Herbert J. West, President of Wekiva Youth Sports. "The joy of watching these young men and women mature is what makes this situation at Wekiva and South Apopka so special.  I grew up in Apopka in the early ’80s after 20+ years of coaching. I finally get to come home and do it; that’s always been my vision. It’s truly a blessing to be in this situation. It’s definitely an honor and we’re still open for volunteers."

The goal is to provide a safe and family-oriented place for boys and girls ages 6-14 to play football, cheer, and learn how to be better members of their community. It also wants to build a family-like organization that is tied in with the varsity football program at Wekiva High School, instilling the values that WHS and the varsity coaching staff strive to instill in every young man and woman on campus.

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Coach "Fat Daddy" (Clinton Stanley) returns to the sidelines to make a difference in the lives of our youth.
Coach "Fat Daddy" (Clinton Stanley) returns to the sidelines to make a difference in the lives of our youth.

In order to accomplish these goals, Wekiva Youth Sports is making the community aware that what they are doing is different from every other Pop Warner organization. This program is being built on family values and everyone that joins is a family member from the time they start until they graduate from high school.

"There’s no youth league football on this side of town," said Clinton Stanley, Football Commissioner with Wekiva Youth Sports. "We’re looking for the community to be involved and to make a difference." 

But the program is not without challenges.

Every year, Wekiva Pop Warner must purchase new and maintain existing equipment. This is the largest expense, along with making sure that every child who wants to participate has the opportunity, regardless of financial situation.

If you have questions, or would like to contribute to this organization, call 321-245-8251.

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